I Have An Issue With The Cash Links And Need Answers Because It Seems To Be Purposeful

Is there some reason the developers may have tampered with their cash links so that we can’t post them in the forum?

I can’t click the link from my phone as it just doesn’t work for me. So I have had to click cash links that were posted in the forums. And now all of a sudden for like a week now they don’t post normally like before. So are they doing it on purpose?

Is this about Twitter views?

And because of the way things are around here I guess I have to say I’m not attacking them, but I am missing out on FREE Hard Cash and I want to know why posting links worked for a month and suddenly stopped…

It makes no sense!

What is going on?

First off, you need to click on the device you play JWA with, otherwise link is invalid. Second, the links tend to deactivate after a certain period of time (GP’s are usually a week, for example) after which they are just a fancy line of text or a button. Third, and likely most importantly, Ludia alone controls the links and when they are made, the people here merely spread the word. As far as I know, they only give them to their major content creators (GamingBeaver and GP for example), so it’s not like they’re common, pair that with the deactivation time and the fact that you’d have to search for them knowing full well you aren’t guaranteed one, and you got yourself a great way to troll your player bases


But I mean even the daily ones on their Twitter… I can’t click them and I know what you mean about expiration, but I know as soon as they go up and it’s right away. I get alerted to it and I’ve spoken with people posting them. They said the same thing. The physical link would show up as a graphic not a link so it wasn’t physically clickable and even if you clicked it it would go to some random page. Why does this have to be so hard? Why not just embed this in-game?

Can’t you just save one in Notes etc on your device and then edit the date (let’s keep on topic in this post!)?

Can we get new cash links instead of older ones from May?

Just did this one

Functioning fine (iPhone SE)