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I have change my phone


I did’nt know where to put this so i do it here:

I have change my phone and i would like to know how can i get my old account back on this new phone?
I don’t have facebook

You have to contact Support to let them know you need to move your account and give them your old support key from your old phone.

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how do i contact them??

Hey shining, you can reach out to our team either through the in-game support feature or through email at Please make sure to include your support key in your message if you’re emailing our team.


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Wait, the app is tied to the phone model even if you have a Google account? Or is this just for guest accounts?

Every installation of the app is given a specific support key. If you move to a different device and want to keep your account instead of starting over again (and thus getting a new support key) then you have to notify Support so they can authorize the transfer of your specific support key from one device to another.

Good to know then, thanks. With PGO, they (Niantic) were apparently subtly accusing me of having bought the account when the strange warnings/banning happened and I had changed my phone about a week or so before.

Ned ,how long is the support to answer?