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I have come to believe that the Tryko is immune


It is exasperating. The tryko is the strongest beast since the change of version and is a creature that I can never have because I decided to create rajakylosauro instead of Ankyntrosauro. Anyway, there are ways (few) of knocking it down with some of my creatures: Thor, Diloracherius, Stegoceratops, Indoraptor … but in all I depend on some hits to work. Normally the stun of the stegoceratops work, the stun of the instant Charge of the Thor almost always works, the Stun of the Tragodistis works. Although my Thor does not get anywhere near the 40% of critics promised he usually makes a considerable number of critics, my Indoraptor has the critical percentage of 20% promised and would even say something better … but nothing is against the Tryko. So far this morning I have lost four battles against the Tryko because of the 7 Stuns of the 75% tried (4 with Stegoceratops, 2 with Thor and one with Tragodistis) only one has stunned. On the other hand my Thor has thrown 5 strokes with the possibility of becoming critical and only one has been critical and has been in an instant charge that has not stunned against an Instant Distraction so I have almost done no damage. This happens to me again and again and only against the Trykos. Against all other rival creatures my creatures behave as they should (Except that Thor does not do the critics they should) but against the Trykos nothing works.

Has anyone else observed this?

On the other hand, I am never a supporter of either Buff or Nerfs because I think that people make decisions on a base and it is better not to change it but it is not logical that a creature with the backlash brutality of Tryko has three hits without receiving almost damage except face a shield breaker. The big evaders (monomimus, indoraptor, …) have 50% of avoiding damage during three turns and in the first one they do not hurt. The tryko can chain just out of a distraction, then an invincibility and then another distraction which ensures that he has almost not been touched and he has already hit three counterattacks of more than 700 damage in a single level 24 and has prepared a hit 2900 more as fourth hit. I think it’s excessive and I do not understand that the distraction does not have Delay.


Whats the point of this thread?
Pointing out that tryko is extremely good (which is fair considering what is required to make It)?
You are a bit late man


Try using an immune dino as a counter… Maybe Tryostronix or even I-Rex and Monolometrodon…


Irex is completely useless against tryko


True… Instant invincibility would render it kinda worthless… But it can still land a couple of good blows…


Yeah it can land some hits, but triko is faster, has a counter-attack and has instant invincibility, so there’s no way tryko gets countered by irex.


A good read if you haven’t already.


You are looking at the final part of my article. It is excessively strong but estopy agree that it is one of the hardest beasts to create except for those who spent a fortune with the offer of 500 TRex DNA.

The main part of my article is the initial one. Tryko is not immune and for some reason that I do not know, it seems that it is. Ask the rest of the people of the forum if they have the same experience that I was the objective of the post.


Tryostronix is the best counter to him. Since Tryo is actually Immune the instant distraction is useless and then you use DSR to break through any shield they try to throw up. I one shot a Tryko with my Tryo without taking any damage at all. I’ll agree Tryko is hard to beat if you don’t have the right counter dino, but it’s susceptible to bleed as well so you could always go that route.

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It is true, Tryostinox is generally very unhelpful but is one of the few that can win in the one to one Tryko (if critical). The problem is that this only happens after the Tryko has killed my previous creature and that after killing the Tryko with the Tryo this is in the hands of the next creature of the opponent because the high sands are full of creatures faster than the Tryo (diloracheirus, indoraptor, spinotasuchus, utarinex, …) and his health is very weak. Therefore, that battle is almost decided.