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I have discovered the secret to the trex!


For G2 Rex at least, they like sushi and BW3’s (Buffalo Wild Wings).
I’ve found four today and I’ve got these two outside my zone.

I just can’t go get them yet as Im eating. Both are at a sushi joint. Hopefully they stay there for another ten minutes or so. I gotta get my wing fix.

As a side note, I know that they’re more likely to spawn around restaurants, but I hardly see them. This is rare for me.

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Just how the t-rex likes it dinner :goat: :cut_of_meat:

(Coincidence… I think not!)


I work at a restaurant trex gen 2,tarbo,allo are the most common nest spawns gorgo is rare and since 1.5 trex is very rare… went from 2 a day to maybe two a week


Maybe that’s why they’re both at a sushi joint. Hmm…

@Evicton I see Gorgo everywhere. I have so much spare dna for it.
I’ve only seen one trex in the wild since 1.5 launch.

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I was refering specifically to nest spawns… beong able to play from a resturant with other restaurants around it for long periods of time this was what i was able to find…gorgo seems way more common in his local then at restaurants for me… not really rare. But ive seldom had a day where id see multiple gorgo nest spawns… where its normal to get a few trex gen 2… and before 1.5 i had a day where i got 4 trex nest spawns in a 45 minute period…


Yeah my office is on top of restaurants and I’m in a restaurant alley - I used to get 3-4 a day in my little section of the world. It does create a big imbalance by nerfing the spawns as newer players are not going to be able to ever get the amount of dna needed to create the uniques. Glad I started playing this game early.


Hmm, the Trex Gen 2’s I usually see are at a Subway, i guess ordering a sandwich.


I wonder if they’re getting a foot long, or one of those 12ft long subs you can order for catering.