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I have enough

This game has been broken by boosts and indoraptor gen 2 so badly, while community is falling, because of players whose had enough of this game are quitting, ludia seems to have fun watching us crying when another extremly boosted indoraptor gen 2, procerathomimus or thoradolosaur is entering the battle. I feel like I can’t take this no more. I played this game just after it has been released on android, and since then, I haven’t seen it to be as bad and broken as it is today. Indoraptor gen 2 needs a huge rework, while ludia seems to ignore it, because how we can explain situation, when we had extremly powerful dracoceratops and monomimus, whose has been fastly destroyed and are not so useful and OP no more? That’s only my opinion, but I think other players would agree that this game seems to be not playable no more.
That’s my idea for balancing indoraptor gen 2:
3900 hp.
1400 dmg.
128 speed.
20% crit.
Catious Strike (minimal speed up has been deleted)
Mutual Fury
Defense Shattering Rampage
Evansive Stance


But indom has immune

Agree that CS should lose minimal speed up, but then Entelomoth loses it’s only counter. So there is another OP creature. Most likely they will introduce new even more OP creature in future. There will always be one OP creature, unless they actually decide to balance creatures as they should.

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indo gen 2 is so annoying to go against especially if it is level 20 with 132 speed and in arena 6. my best creature is indom 19

Oh gosh, I forgot about this one, it need huge rework too, especially for its hp and dmg, whose are way too high. I think Entelomoth should have apporox 4200 hp and 1100 dmg, and then it wouldn’t be so extremly OP as it is now.

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For me Entelemoth needs more reworking than just that. Consider my idea not polished as I havent seen its parent’s stats recently

3900 HP
1200 Damage

Lose its Immunity to Stuns OR On Escape Heal. One without the other will sure to fix this. Normally those are what causes the problems in tourneys. Oh, and also the PFS, but nerfing that to around 33% or even I would go as to say to even 25% will most likely not be pleasing to some players

Indo G2 should not be a problem anymore, removing the cleanse should be enough, I get the speedup can be annoying, but Indo G2 needs it if it’s facing Entelomoth. I understand that it is still annoying but in my opinion, the biggest problem I have with CS is the dodgoe. 50% distraction I’m fine with, but 75% chance to dodge is very infuriating, especially on Evasive stance, but neither dodge and Indo g2 are the probems. It’s all the Maximas and Geminis which are causing problems, I understand that boosts are infuriating for some, but there is no way to remove them now, the game is not for free players now unless if your patient enough to play skill tourneys for resources, but then again. That would be a tough grind considering how many predictions you have to make, rng, and speedties.

But it is a problem though. In my opinion both Entelemoth and Indo G2 needs to be reworked, without having to take into account that one counters the other, etc. In my opinion, I think that Indo G2 should have a better moveset than its counterpart, but with it comes a price, worse stats compared to the OG Indo.

Now if it were to keep the speedup, it needs to lose one of its partial immunity. Either Distraction or Stuns, which ever one the majority sees fit.

I can understand that indo G2 can be a trouble but remember it’s made of raptor dna so of course Indo G2 is meant to deal with things like Tryko and Thor, I would love to see speedup removed but I would hate to see it get removed if Entelomoth is going to stay as how it current is rn. So I agree with what you said, CS and Entelomoth need reworks. So have the CS loose speedup and reduce the dodge chance of CS (Maybe ES) and then indo G2 should be fine now. The only thing that makes Entelomoth op is PFS and it’s high damage, Entelodon is suppose to be a raptor dealer so it should keep MF and get crushed by chompers, but Entelomoth doesn’t go down by things like Allosinosaurus because of it’s high dmg and PFS, In general, I would just nerf the damage to 1200 and keep MF to at least have it still be able to counter Alloraptor and have PFS change to DS so it would be better against dodgers.

Well, I love the idea of indoraptor gen 2 being and weaker indoraptor with better moveset. I still personally think, that minimal speed up in catious strike should be removed, but yours version seems to be way more ballanced. Sadly, Ludia don’t know how to ballance creature without making it completly unusable.

Moth just needs Rampage changed to Impact. Maybe damage nerf to 1400 or 1350. Then it’s balanced. Problematic is PFS combined with high damage and Rampage, not PFS alone.

Didn’t CS lose the speed up for awhile? I seem to remember that happening, but ludia saw it was too big of a Nerf to their baby so they gave it back recently.

It’s should lose inmunity to bleed, all of the mammals should lose inmunity to bleed

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