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I have found a bug

I’m tryin to start a new account to play in the background while I grind on my main account. (Nothing too serious unlocked yet, just spent the past 4 1/2 hours on it.) before switching to the account, I linked up my main account to my FB account, as someone had told me that’s the way to run 2 accounts on one device, well? Big mistake. Even though I unlinked my main account from the FB account, the game still thinks that I’m trying to log into my main account, when in reality I’m just tryin to save the alt’s progress, as I’m doing a little challenge thing.
Here’s proof:

But yeah, if anyone knows what to do, please help!

This is kind of a big problem bc it’s eating into my grind time for tryko.

Is your new account a guest account

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Yes it is.

I never managed to get more than one account active with iPadOS, with Android it’s very easy to have many accounts (in my case one linked to FaceBook the others linked to Google Play). An Android device gives you access to FaceBook but with iPadOS not possible to get access to Google Play!

If you switch to your FB account from a guest account you can’t get back in. If you have google play and restart on that then it is saved

Nope, I’m on an iPhone. This is why I hate apple, their whole Apple ID and App Store is just confusing

Yeah, I have my main account linked to an App Store account, I just can’t unlink it from the FB account. Even though I clicked unlink on the Facebook page.

If you’re using iPhone, then make an Apple ID account (it’s literally Apple email, because Apple is stupid sometimes) and then login with that on your other account. AS LONG AS you’re Apple and FB accounts aren’t linked, you’ll be good. Just remember you’re login as you’ll need it switching back and forth.

Edit: just saw last post, if you make a new Apple ID and then link that account to your alt you’ll be good

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I tried doing that, as of rn my internet is dead, so it won’t let me switch my Apple ID accounts. I can change it in the App Store, but I’m guessing it’s linked to the actual apple account on your device, not the one on the App Store, cause it isn’t working.

So what I did when I probed with alts is go here , make a new one with my gmail, and then login to the game with that. It won’t work without internet tho, so you’ll need to wait a little bit

If you use your web browser (especially if you use a tab that won’t remember history a la incognito mode) you should be able to make a new one.

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Yeah, I have the alternate apple account made, it’s just that even though I have data, the phone won’t let me sign out because “You don’t have internet”

My internet is down until tomorrow, but as you know probably, a lot of coins and dna can be collected in one night.
I really need to grind kentro dna on the main, and I also need coins too.

In that case go to settings, scroll to Game Center, make sure it pulls up your main (This is mine, I blurred my email)

and then scroll to the bottom and click sign out

If it’s worked, you should get the JWA login screen or guest account instead of pulling up your main account

I’ll try that next, I have one more idea.

I’ve just decided to screw it, I’m stayin on my main account, maybe if I get an iPad or somethin I’ll make an alt. Pc is out of the equation obviously.

I’ll try to help you with it later, I’ll PM you if you’re still interested

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