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I have got enough with Iguanodos!


I got rare capsule. 20 minutes and there was 5 Iguanodos and 2 carnotaurus and something also useless. I bought this Epic incubator, and I got only useless s***t. I have spend quite lot of time and money, and there is too many dissapointments. I bought this VIP “system” to get more time and distance to shoot darts, but too many times these creatures “escaped” and I didn’t have time to shoot them. What is the point to spend money, if you don’t have all time to shoot darts? There is too many useless creatures around, but really too less creatures what you really need, when you are higher levels. I don’t want to spend my money and time to get nothing special. I haven’t seen for example tyrannosaurus Rex over a week, and many creatures what is needful on higher levels. And it’s quite boring to lose battles too often, because your opponent is so much better and evolved. I don’t know what kind of opportunities people have on big cities, but I’m living in Finland in quite little town, and finding “good” creatures IS very difficult!


The only things in this game your money is worth are the one time offers and vip.
Also, about your dino’s escaping, there is a certain way to dart them where you hit the side of the direct hit marker and they’ll turn away from where you hit them and if you aim is good enough you can learn how to utilize this skill in getting more dna on everything you dart.

Not very many people know about it and I’ve never seen anyone share this on the forums before.


If you arent that fussed with getting to the top of the ladders in the arena, just swap out your good dinosaurs and put all terrible low level ones in, then go into the arena and tank your trophies HEAPS so that you are only JUST into your current arena (for instance Sorna marshes is 3000-3999, so if you sit at like 3100 or something - or whatever is low for your bracket - you will get matched up against more reasonable teams).

Some ppl might see this as being “wrong” because you are only trying to get easy wins, but the way I see it if you tank your rating by 500 trophies by losing on purpose, just think of how many OTHER players you have given easy wins/incubators too :wink:

EDIT: Also remember that if you get to a certain rating and finding you are constantly losing, it only means your team of dinos shouldnt be at that rating in the first place! Or not skilled enough yet.

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