I have lost my JW park and no one is getting back to my emails!

Hi. I have been playing the jurassic world game for about 4 months now and tonight when I was completing a golden rewards battle it disappeared and took me back to the beginning like I was a new user. Please PLEASE tell me it has not vanished because I really loved my park and I was at level 54 and had so many different dinosaurs that took me forever to get aswell as around 7,000,000 food ect and had even completed the easter challenge and had the dodo eater egg statue that obviously I cant get back as easter is over and was obviously a special challenge for it. I am fuming this has happened and I am not starting again!!! I’m sure it’s on my facebook somewhere as quite a few times i have had to put my fb email add and password in to get back in to my park. Please tell me that that has not gone as I was determined to complete it but I’m not doing it all over again. I never play games but this one I really enjoyed as I love the jurassic parks and dinosaurs. Can you help?

I’m sorry to hear that you had lost your game account, Charlee_Holdstock. If your game was linked to Facebook, you should be able to reaccess it by reconnecting back to Facebook from the main menu or through the Setting menu in the game.

If you’re still having issues after doing that, our team will be sure to try their best to help you get your account back after they receive your message. In the meantime, could you confirm with me which email address you sent your messages to?


Also when I go back on the game and try to get back in through fb (as I have tried that) it just like I said bring gs me back to the new park

I can definitely understand that. :sweat_smile:

If you had tried reconnecting to your Facebook, and it did not work. Have you tried entering the game through as a “guest”?

Also, I wanted to confirm with you which email address to our team you’ve sent your email to so I can make sure it was the correct one. Usually, it should be sent to this one here, support+forums@ludia.com.

Yes I think that was the one. When I go on to the game it’s the new one and when I was on the old one I got my boyfriend to do a battle for me (because he is much better at the battles then me so when I dont want to risk loosing one because I am on limited time and I really want the prize I get him to do it lol) and he said the internet went down and when it came back on, the main picture came back on and he pressed visitor which he said he always does for his game but I dont i press the fb one which is where i think it went wrong. Does that help with understanding what’s happened by any chance? To be honest if I’m talking to you now and you can help the email dosent really matter anymore does it lol?

Have you run through the tutorial yet? When my park has disappeared, I completed the introduction tutorial and then went to the settings menu to login with Facebook

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What do you mean? Do you mean when you first get the game it teaches you to use it then after you continue the game yourself? If so yes and I did try to press ‘connect with fb’ button but I cant reme6what happened. Il press the button again now and see what it says and get back to you.

If you have logged in as a visitor you need to go through the tutorial and then do what @Andy_wan_kenobi has said above to connect back to your FB account where your park should still be.

Click the login button and get edit the picture to get rid of your account id and support key

Ok thank you both so much. I am so lost without my little park lol the screenshot I took is not the same regarding the Facebook link (please bare with me I am really not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to things like this. I am more of a hands on practical type of person and get totally lost in the technology world lol) mine says login with fb not connect with fb

Edit what picture?

I’m so sorry about this

Hi Charlee, his says connected with Facebook because he is already logged into his account. You need to click login with Facebook (if your old account was connected to Facebook) Otherwise if you have already e-mailed support like NED suggested,just wait for a response it can take a couple of days for them to reach your ticket. Submitting multiple tickets delays the response.

Yaay!!! I managed to get my park back. So sorry for all of this and thank you all so much for all your help.:grin::kissing_heart: … I tried to send the above last night but it wouldnt let me reply. After a lot of messing around with it I managed to get it back. So happy! I have missed my park so much and I’m glad to have it back again. Hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am and I can not wait for the new film to come out. I have been obsessed with them ever since i was a child. I wanted the jurassic park film for christmas but my parents said no because i think they thought it would frighten me and give me nightmares and Santa never got me it lol but my sisters boyfriend did! He was better then Santa that year haa haa. Take care all and thanks again for everything all of you. I really appreciate it.