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I have my first Unique!


… or almost… I failed :sob:

When I see all people who had a Unique today, I want to cry

8 pts ! 8 pts !!!

If other losers want cry with me here, they’re welcome !


I feel your pain. I missed him by 1.


Ouch! That’s painful. That’s what you got in 5 attempts ?


Can I ask what level are you?


Yikes, that’s a shame. Well, more kentro coming next week which might help you! I’ve only seen one Tryko and it despawned before I even darted it. I’m going to have to get up early and hunt before work…or hope one crops up on my commute…or that I find some during my lunch break. :worried:


Yes :disappointed_relieved:

Level 13 :no_mouth:


I got him at level 9. You should have used retries. When i got less then 50 dna , I closed the game and retried.


Must be nice…ive been playing since day 1 and only have 2 legendaries


if only there was a recent event that allowed you to unlock some uniques…