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I have no legendaries! Just waiting the alliance championship to end, so I can get uniques. Then how can I get legendaries? And how can i get uniques faster or better?

I wanna get legendaries please.

What does your roster look like currently

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What is a roster? @ElEduardo

Your team, and the creatures that are highest level (that aren’t on the team)

This is my roster. @ElEduardo

Do you know what zone you are in. If you do not, then use this:

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legendary and unique dinos can only be created by fusing for their dna, or through special events.
In an alliance you’ll get some unique dna every month, but the bulk of your legendary and uniqe dna will come from leveling your creatures to their fusion levels and fusing dna for the hybrids. It takes a while to get legendary dinos, and even longer for uniques.

to fuse for a legendary creature, both components need to be lv 15. and for a unique both have to be lv 20.

you’ll get there in time. just keep collecting dna and leveling your creatures.

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Thanks!! @ElEduardo

After looking at your creatures, I will say do not level up creatures like eniasaurus and suchomimus past the level needed for their hybrids. Sucho is obviously used for thylacotator which, when boosted, is the second best epic in the game. Then you have eniasaurus for eniasuchus. Get this and sarco to level 10 ASAP as sarcorixis is a beast. I’m in gyrosphere and I use it. No escape is really good, especially in lower arenas. Sarco is on par with a bunch of legendaries. I see you have a smilodon at level 12, which should be put in for mono as it’s faster and a better epic. Do not level mammoth past level 15 along with Blue, Pachy, Mia, and Rex (for now)

I have a thylacotator! But I haven’t reached level 10. I have 25 health boosts.

@ElEduardo and @Qiew

Now, do you know what zone you live in. I’m gonna say 3 due to your miasaura and mono

This zone. @ElEduardo

I think Eduardo means if your area has more of which dinos


@LumberJack and @ElEduardo

Maiasaura+Phorusrhachos=Phorusaura. @LumberJack @ElEduardo @Qiew.

The dimetrodon is a dead giveaway that you are in zone 3. So, here are the creatures you wanna get:

  1. Ardontosaurus. Go out and hunt for argentinosaurus and secondontosaurus. This hybrid is very good and can go toe to toe with big threats like indo gen 2. It is also used for ardentismaxima, the 4th best creature in the game.
  2. Sarcorixis. Again, while not an epic, again, this thing is a monster. Find a park (green space) and use common scents over and over again for sarco (if possible because of Covid). This guy can carry you to the late game. Some epics are better than legendaries
  3. Phorasaura. Phorasaura is the beast legendary and has a component from zone 3: Miasaura. It has a decent swap-in with swap-in stun, but it has the best priority move with instant rampage along with a crazy 130 speed. The problem for you will be phorosrachus, which is arena exlusive, so when an event rolls around for the bird, stock up on it. Phorasaura is definitely an endgame creature that I will be running on my team in the legendary unique tournament in 2 weeks as it’s sooooo good
  4. Monostegotops. Don’t go for monomimus. Monostego is the way to go. The only problem is that stego and trike are unscentable as they are daily creatures, but with the events coming up, make sure you stockpile a lot of triceratops and stego. Monostegtops can be taken to the endgame and has access to the best swap-in move with swap-in stunning strike. This is not a bad pick.
  5. Indominus Rex. Indom has fallen a bit, but it’s still a decent legendary, especially in lower arenas. Obviously has the cloak and rampage, but it will not carry you until the endgame, and neither will indoraptor. But where you’re at, it’s really good

People said ardentismaxima and phorusaura is very powerful! Indominus-rex’s Defense shattering rampage is very powerful! One day I used Pachycephalosaurus to defeat an indominus-rex! But I lose then I used woolly mammoth to defeat it. @ElEduardo

I don’t know how you write that. All the legendaries and uniques are very powerful! But yes indom has fallen a bit. But it’s still fierce and powerful. It has CLOAK! @ElEduardo and @LumberJack and @Qiew. Thanks

I forgot you had pachy. Try to get smiloceph. It’s a pretty good legendary as well. Also, if you can get the postosuchus, go for tryostronix. Other epics to get will be procerath and Indom gen 2. These 2 epics are really strong and procerath is a late game creature while Indom gen 2 is an endgame creature


Oh yeah! @ElEduardo