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I have no legendaries! Just waiting the alliance championship to end, so I can get uniques. Then how can I get legendaries? And how can i get uniques faster or better?

The problem with cloak is that there are so many creatures that can bypass it or remove it that it doesn’t do as well as it used to. And, unlike indom gen 2, that’s all indom really has. That’s why Indom gen 2 is better as it has access to Mutual Fury. That’s why Indom isn’t something to really invest in

Woolly mammoth has defense shattering rampage and it can bypass armor, shield, cloak and evasive abilities. @ElEduardo

Actually, only the mammotherium line has that ability. Dodge and shields are mammoth’s biggest weakness. I would go for entelomoth if you have to go for a mammoth hybrid. It is the best creature in the game, but it’s a pain in the butt to create

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Lol no. That title goes to Entelomoth

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Ooooooooh @Erlikdom

What epics Spawn for you then Do its legendary/s Or join an alliance request some commons or rare dna like Monomeletrodon/dracoceratops/koolagiana etc any legendary is a good legendary except… Rajangkylosaurus

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Ooooooooooooooooooh @JurrasicM

Dude get a prorat it is better than a legendary

Did proceratosaurus used to be in area 2, I used to have a ton of it. Still do but thats from incubators.

Guys, if Indom had the same speed of erlidom, which would be better againts each other and other dinos?

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But not uniques

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