I have no Legendary dinos or epic strikes on my map

Smh… I seriously have none of both on my map @Ludia_Developers what’s up? I have been out for the last 30 mins and nothing yet

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Same here.

out of all the green drops around me… 1 has a legendary. and it’s one i can’t even get to.

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Hey Bryan_Lucas, could you try fully closing your game and then relaunching to see if your map refreshes?

Tried it @Ned only see one drop and it Utahraptor…sigh

Same here, found 3 in the whole city center and all were useless, doesn’t surprise me, Ludia screwing up again… :rage:

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Hey @Ned I tried that several times now and still nothing… it’s just frustrating to not have it

That’s strange. I am seeing a couple of them on my map at the moment, but I will inform our team about this.

Thank you!

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Ya cause I can testify there is nothing
image image image image image
Also no boa strike


I see ZERO on my map too. It’s almost impossible to play this game on foot because of the inconsistency in distribution. It’s totally maddening that players are basically forced to drive just to do basic events.


Thank you @Ned I literally have no legendaries no epic strikes

I got the epic strike, but I don’t see any legendaries.

With the legendary Dino’s they should be littered all over the map… smh

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Yup same here hopefully it fixed as quickly as entlomoths glitch, Hope to hear back soon @Ned

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Yeah I don’t see it either

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I’m having the same issue

Hey everyone, the team has confirmed that they are spawning as intended at the moment. However, they’ll relay the feedback of possibly increasing the presence.

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Thanks for the full valentine’s day experience.


Yup same for me too… what’s funny is that they didn’t forget to put a boost sale again… smh

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