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I have no Legendary dinos or epic strikes on my map

Going on 5 hours actively hunting… still NO Legendary dinos…smh… still no epic strikes… I am done looking for today :frowning: going to go enjoy Valentine’s Day

I have to stop coming here to see if Ludia fixed the problem. Everytime there’s a post that say “I saw one legendary”, I restart my app just in case. If someone say “I saw the epic strike”, I restart my app just in case, if someone say Ludia has changed something (tina into sino), I restart my app just in case, if someone poste a picture of a parc full of legendary, I restart my app just in case. Every kilometers, I restart my app just in case. Heck, maybe I’m the one screwing up the server ( just in case) :slight_smile:


Has anyone seen the sinoceratops strike that was supposed to be today? I’ve looked all over and cant find it

Its a diplophoa strike now

They’re seriously testing our limits. I can see over 80 stops from my house, 0 legendary.

For one, why do this with the rares out? It’s no different when they put out 1 Indoraptor that floods all the epics or the most recent dracorat that flooded all the epics. People going out for hours and not even finding one? I don’t have time to ride around, let alone walk around in the cold to find these dinos. After work I will give it 1 shot and go to my local park where they usually have 7 green drops and hope they aren’t all rares or dinos I don’t want to dart. If unsuccessful, I will try again tomorrow morning before the reset and dart whatever is there.

tl;dr Ludia, ya fudged it up again.

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It’s been changed to Sino.

Yeah. But the players who already did the epic one now also get the epic one with the sino.

I didnt do it yet. My wife did this morning and now she has the sino epic tower too.

I did the snake one and I don’t see a Sino one. Walked a distance of at least 2 km. No new stuff, very few legendaries.

Edit: seems one appeared on a road a bit further from my house. I’ll have to go get it tomorrow then, as I’ve already been outside until 9 pm.

Did the snake one. It turned into sino hours later. Confused but I’ll take it.

What’s the point of having a special Valentines event and then not having the creatures available? Was looking forward to this event and have not found one Legendary all day. Very disappointed. Someone in my alliance said they are in parks, if that’s the case once again those of use living in rural areas or areas without parks are screwed yet again. This game continues to go downhill, if you want people to just keep being disappointed and quit, this is another great way to add to player frustration. It is really sad how many of the long time players in my alliance have already quit this game.


Didnt even realize this park was 3 minutes from my house. If you go to parks you will find lots. Every park drop is green due to do rare and legendaries.

I’ve seen plenty of green stops today… But only a tiny amount of legendaries in the end, and they’re exclusively in parks. Although not even parks are guaranteed to have one (there’s a huge one near my local town center, and there wasn’t a single legendary stop there).

Well just wanted to come back on and update my day…

Not 1 Legendary and I live next to a huge park…smh not one…

Also did not get any epic strike events…

Thanks @Ludia_Developers

I guess this is what Normal distribution looks like

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I went walking around to try finding 3 Alloraptors. I found one. I had to use the rest of my attempts on Utasinoraptor, but I’m ok with that since it’s my favorite raptor. I also hadn’t darted any of the rares under the Green drops. I managed to dart all 24 on my quest to find Alloraptor :rofl:

I don’t have a single green drop

I had to drive around for an hour to find three alloraptor. This definitely isn’t a walking game. Green drop distribution is pretty good; they’re just almost all rares. I also only found one snake strike at the end of my drive. I saw several of the sino one.

I only got 1 of the epic strikes, and why are all the very few green drops all rares?! We’ve already had 2 days to dart them, I wish all green drops today had been legendaries. Because I’ve seen 1 legendary throughout 3 hours of hunting, and it was an allosinosaurus…

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Like many have posted already, this isn’t true. Only some specific parks have green drops at all.
The one near me has zero, but I do have green drops all around. And they’re all Rares.

All I saw after work was IndoG2 and Allosino…

I suppose we must resign ourselves to our fate.
Perhaps we could open a thread requesting an extension?

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