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I have no Legendary dinos or epic strikes on my map

Unfortunately this game is not fair… I have noticed that a long time ago… I still have not gotten 1 Legendary or epic strike…

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I doubt they will do that… remember Ludia is not for righting what is wrong or making players happy

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The thing that bothers me most is that the small incubator strike is freaking EVERYWHERE!!!

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Today I go out and in I dont find dilophoboa strike tower in whole town (20000 people) and found only one legendary green drop with alloraptor in town center. Really pretty

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Strike towers I saw enough but why is it that epic and legendary green stops are always only in parks? Not everyone has those!
I saw 1 indominus today and hundreds of rare stops.

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Same here,I did not met any of Legends out there and I searched the city for hour and half. Yet only thing I was bumping into was plenty of yellow overpowered incubators!
I want justice and blood! Or make sure, that we have plenty of time! You just robbed me of chance to have Legends!

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They were super hard to find and we should had gotten 2 days to hunt them. But I managed to get what i wanted.

Completely agree. It was almost Impossible to find all 3 legendaries with so little Green drops, especially when they are mixed with the rares. If they can’t fix this drop issue they could at least remove the rares from the event friday. Jeez. I’m so frustrated. Could only dart one alloraptor. And i was so excited for this event.


Same but I did get

So… I’ve won but at what cost

But ya was really looking forward to unlocking it sadly it won’t be anytime soon