I have not completed a hard duty chest since the update

Hi there, since the update I was on 2 keys on my flight club chest. Nearly 3 days later I am now on 8 keys. I used to get 1 maybe 2 chests a day If I was lucky and I know people who would get 3 a day but man. Wasting a re roll on a glitch to get the exact same duty but a different colour and it glitching out strait away was pointless, win one clan battle is doable but only once a day, level 15 dragons I mean come on all my dragons are close to max so I’m using 65000 plus fish every time, complete 3 duties well I can’t because everything’s glitches, and breed 2 of a specific compo again doable but pointless when it’s a terrible combo I’d rather keep going for a good hybrid or my last 5 star dupe.

Not much worth in the flightclub if I get absolutely nothing for it.

I still love this game and all you guys work super hard on it, it’s becoming more of a chore than fun sometimes when things don’t go your way.


Exactly I am in the same situation. Since update I didn’t complete my hard chest. I am at 13/15 now. That is absurd.