I have not played 1 battle where I am the higher trophy holder in at least the past 2 months

It is extremely frustrating at this point. Please help!

No matter if I win or lose the previous game, I am ALWAYS the lower trophy holder in the battle at the time. In fact, if I lose the previous game, the next opponent in battle will be an even higher trophy holder.

This leads to a horrible feedback loop sometimes where I can end up with opponents with up to 450-500 points than me. Keep in mind, I am a still a lower level player (partly due to this), so have no access to dinos I am facing when in these horrible feedback loops.

Someone help before I’m forced to abandon playing this game!

I understand I’m looking at the scores afterwards. The opponent tends to be around in the range of 100-150 ahead of me on average, give or take. One game does not make that large of a difference, so both my math and statistics should be correct on this.

I’ve been testing the theory of closing the app after my opponent is much higher and reopening. It might be coincidence, but it has happened where next battle they are lower. It would be nice to know what stats generate the opponent.

Hey @Katerina_R, it must be really frustrating to always be facing tougher opponents! You really shouldn’t be facing opponents who are that much more ahead of you, trophy-wise, so our team would be glad to try and investigate this on your behalf. Could you reach out to them at support+forums@ludia.com, including your support key so we can find you faster and any screenshots that you migth have? Thanks!

Thank you so much!
Made me get out my jeweler’s loup to read the support key. :grin: Yep, I’m old as dirt (over 40).

Now off to find screenshot instructions. Don’t worry, I know tech. Helped build the internet, government side. Yes, it stinks. You’re lucky anything is out there, trust me.

I tried many different things, including that. Glad it worked for you. I seem to be in some kind of ‘special’ algorithm.

It could have been because I waited to do any battles until I got level 13 Blue. To slow me down a bit, which I can sort of understand. But now, I can only go backwards. It’s truly frustrating.

OK, So I waited until all my battle incubators ran out. Then cooled off for another 24 hours or so. Didn’t battle for quite a while. So, the next opponents were closer in points. Won/Lost/whatever. A fairer match. Not quite there, but not a total bloodbath. The next one was still higher again. But then, there was a weird glitch. One of the players showed as 0 points immediately afterwards, but then fixed. The next battle, my opponent had fewer points than I did.

Anyways, I finally was able to have an opponent with fewer points. So maybe this issue is fixed? If so, Yay! And thank you!

So now my incubator slots are full again.

If the issue is not resolved, then the fix is to let all incubators expire and give my dinos a rest? Do other people have to do that? Wait 2 or more days between battle sessions? We’ll see.

Anyways, progress.

Seriously frustrated at the moment … it took weeks to get to arena 8, saved coins and updated lots of my dinos, now I can’t win a single fight, even if my dinos are higher ( we are talking level 20 vs level 14 opponent) now back in arena 7 and losing every fight there as well.

There isn’t a lot of point playing any more, if you can’t move forward in a game it just become monotonous

When im in the grips of a losing streak I stop playing for a few hours and then try again! Seems to help!

Remember when you are constantly losing you become frustrated and start making silly mistakes that you normally wouldn’t do, and then you lose to teams you shouldn’t be losing too, as you have described with the level 20 vs 14!
So yeah take a break and then come back to the arena! Maybe go hunting or watch some gameplay vids (hint, I released a new one today hehe).

And good luck!

Edit: Also the battle difficulty difference from 3900 rating to 4100 is pretty big, because a lot of high rated players drop down to this level to get easier wins!
And on top of that you will start facing more teams with 1 or even more uniques in them!

Just had to take my own advice, started getting into a losing streak while trying to break 4600 (hint: Not gunna happen for a while lol).

Now im just taking a break and gunna play again after I watch a movie (Harry Potter 7, its my first time watching them all, not bad so far but im liking these newer ones best coz its less kiddie sort of movie!)

I took your advice and stopped for a while, I go hunting every day,busy commuting, take daughter to work, go to my first job, leave go to my second job, leave collect daughter from work (2 hr break) take son and daughter to work (daughter has split shifts) home cook dinner , collect hungry adult children from work … bed … I have them trained to hunt for me while I drive or no lifts :smile:

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