I have not seen a para lux for 2 years excluding events

Title.when I was in the USA for my student exchange program I used to live near a highway,I used to get like 2 a day while now in Singapore I actually have not seen a single one.Anyone know what to do to increase its spawn rate,not even going using the MRT doesn’t work,only got the epic doggy

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Same here.

I legit went around my county and haven not seen a single one

I honestly have no idea how their short range spawn points work. I guess the map being broken for 6-9 months for Android users didn’t help as well.

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I still see them. They seem to spawn in the same locations with the short range spawn. So if you see one you’ll have to keep checking that area when you go out to play. I’ve missed one and circled the block and it respawned.

That theory is not a proven one. A creature will stay in an area until you dart, for a certain time period. Hence the reason for my vote for that feature in a poll.

I see them most of the days. I am yet to see one today.


Haven’t seen one in almost half a year

I’ve not only see it happen circling the block but also numerous days. It may not be the same time everyday but those specific spots are your hot spots for them. Just like when you find a park spawn outside of a park. I live in a neighborhood and forever (before they changed it to daily) there would be a Gorgosaurus spawn on the next street over. It was supposed to be in restaurants but it was just next door. Same difference except with Para it’s harder to find due to it being legendary.


Those places in the map spawns creatures, any creatures that appear in the map. I bet Paralux is not only creature you have seen there. Every creature in the game is a proximity spawn and four of them are exclusive to that.

Correct, but these same few spots seem to be the locations of the para or other proximity spawns. I take the same route when I go out and play daily for as long as the game has been out. When things aren’t changing you may notice patterns.


I know. And that spawning area changes from time to time.
Ther was a proximity spawn location just outside my house but not anymore.

Yeah they change as well. Just like supply drops and the random park or restaurant spawns. My supply drops changed around my house last week randomly. They’d been the same way forever. No rhyme or reason. Can’t say it’s google maps like ludia has said before because I’m in a neighborhood. No key points of interest changing here :joy: