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I have one thing to say


I feel so sorry for everyone if they make a legendary Hybrid for StygiG2. Especially if its with a common or rare I have a ton of dna with.

I’ll be unstoppable! Muhahahahahaha!

Seriously though, I am excited to see if this little guy will get a hybrid. I hope it’s as pretty as it. Stygi g2 is probably one of the prettiest dinos imo.



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every incubator i have ever opened has contained this dinosaur.

even the free daily ones, seemingly.

i have eleventy billion of his dna…conservatively speaking.


I got 2.8k dna for it from the epic strike incubator today. I just shook my head. Lol

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yes, but you did that on purpose.

chicken oriental, that one.


Everyone must have thousands and thousands of its DNA


Now let’s see everyones 70k stash of Dilopho G2.



Not as impressive

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A for effort though!

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Not Dilopho though.

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It’s actually a good strategy for Ludia to do this. As people all of a sudden have the ingredients for a great Dino but just need to spend a tonne of coins to get it.


I got mine ready for a legendary or unique hybrid for Lols and to lvl up! Mwahahah