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I have peaked

It took me faaar longer than what i originally intended, mostly due to me wanting to make sure everything else was ready for it (I wish Gorgosuchus had more attack), but at last, i did it.
The perfect blend of the two most fearsome creatures to have ever walked the Earth. I call him,

He’s got his own dedicated little spot, with extra security

He also made his battling debut

He has 7 brothers, a total of 8 Indoraptors in the paddock


I also have eight…


Yeaaaaaaa man!! Nice. Congratulations. Def one of those milestones.

Extra security is a good idea!


Congrats @Kiarash_Bahar! Mine is not as secure, but definitely on time…


The new Indoraptor-led lineup survived today’s Fight for Funds without problems. I’m now confident that i can handle the other PvEs as well

However you need pteros for when your opponent are amphibians…

Fight for Funds is the hardest PvE, sure.

Wednesday is typically the most Jurassic battles.

It is a mix of strong enough dinos and enough depth to fight all of the fights.

The 3rd variable, is at those strengths, the dinos tend to have 1 day cool downs. If you fight at night one day, but can only play in the morning the next… can you still do it?

I don’t want to up my game, only to have to play at a certain time every day.

I’m currently nerfing my line up to 10hour dinos, so I can play morning or night (reasonably).


My fight for funds looks like this…

download (15)-1
This photo is from the gaming beaver though…

My top guys… look that first one lol

My mighty Metriaphodon Luftwaffe is any amphibian’s worst nightmare :sunglasses:
I’ve been planning this out for a long time

  1. 24845
  2. 16790
  3. 13608

That’s a pretty big jump. I would sell your Pachygalo and Gorgosuchus if I were you.

Or just sell the Pachy. That’s a 8000 jump we’re talkin bout.

Well I never had any problems in the events because of my strategies and even if I lose one or two fights I always finish the events… For example I did the three events today…

look my strategy…

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Which event spawned such a weak dino in the middle?

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Gen 2 velociraptor

Weakest creature in the game v Strongest creature in the game

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That BM value.

In terms of ferocity it would be indo gen 2 vs tuojiangosaurus

well in terms of attack is indoraptor gen 1…
5200 vs 4200… so?