I have problems to get game!


Hello, I have to load 13 mb + 93 mb + 474 mb almost everytime, but my brother doesn’t have to load anything! Why is it like this! Both of us use same WiFi and mobile data, but he doesn’t have to load it! And it makes harder Timeouts! It loads well, goes and goes, but then… Timeout contacting the server. And it doesn’t even take those mb from loading amount, even if it have loaded 100 mb sometimes (first time takes, next times doesn’t.)


Hey Velociraptor_Fan, I’m sorry that you are experiencing this. If you’re clearing the cache on your device it can cause certain assets to re-download while loading.

The device you’re using might be also causing this, do you know which device your brother is using? It’s recommended that your device have at least 2GB of internal memory to run the game without hiccups. If your device has less than that, could you please try closing any apps you’re not using while playing the game?

You can also check out a list of compatible devices on our FAQ:

It might be helpful too if you tried forgetting the WiFi connection on your device, then reconnect to it. If you’re on your mobile data, try turning it off and back on.

If you’re still having trouble with the loading, you can contact our support team here support+forums@ludia.com, including your support key in the email.