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I Have Reached An Epiphany

How about any creature that didn’t participate in a battle at all (as in it has never switched in the whole time) doesn’t have to rest after being “used”?

I’ve had some battles were one or even two of my creatures survived so I think this’d be neat for a future update. Sure saves on bucks for speeding up recovery and doesn’t “waste” a creature that didn’t even get to fight.


I love that idea and have thought about that many many times. If a creature never makes it out of the starting gate why does it have to rest?

I love this, however I dont think Ludia wants us in anyway to save our resources nor help in any way with it. Hence the sloppy interfaces, hatchery, market and even battle cooldown interface.

Don’t think they listen or even if they did implement our constructive and helpful feedback.

On a side note are you a Monster Hunter player? @Deviljhosaurus

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We have talked about this before, I believe we rationalized why everyone goes into cooldown by looking at it as if you select a creature for a battle, that creature had to get ready to fight and as such got warmed up and ready to go.
This functionality does a couple of things for players…

  • It forces you to ensure you are being selective with your line up or you risk putting unnecessary creatures into cooldown.
  • It satisfies the Dinosaur Union for appropriate amount of rest when prepped for a fight.

So you need to do Cooldown or the Dinosaur Union is out to get you

Yup, it’s actually something that’s been suggested a lot of times before, but anytime the phrase “saves on bucks” appears in why you want something, you can scratch that off your list immediately as something Ludia is wont to do.


Yeah, I’m a big Monster Hunter fan and player.

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What is this “Dinosaur Union”? Is this some kind of inside joke? I assume it’s referencing the dinosaur rights activist group from Fallen Kingdom?

In some areas, including much of the United States, various trade unions (such as the AFL-CIO or the Teamsters Union) have gained substantial power over how and when their members are employed and how they are compensated for that work. @Sionsith 's comment is personifing the dinosaurs into having their own trade union to govern that they must cool down after a battle even if they did not actually enter the battle.

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Haha guessed that from your name, I loved World! The only one from the series I played since it was the only one released on PC. Completed the game, sad no more updates will come out for it :roll_eyes: