I have some questions

Most players said that gigakylocephalus is not worth compared to monostegotops.

  • May I ask why? I think stat and s-dna is not different except for hatchling time, or that is a point?

Second question, I see some players in social media have 99 millions of resources.

  • Is that possible for you who play for 6-7 years (I know it should be at level 99).
  • Someone is just at level 70-90, is that possible, too?

Should I report to support team to fix it?

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Euoplocephalus is locked, so that doesn’t help. I use the heck out of Gigankylocephalus and have a paddock full of level 20/21. I also have a paddock full of Monostegatops level 20/21. For me, they serve different roles.

Players with unlimited resources (especially Dinobucks and Loyalty Points) likely did not gain them legitimately. Unfortunately, unless you know the Support Key, reporting them based on social media user name may or may not be meaningful

  1. Monostegotops is made out of stegoceratops which is made out of the first ever creature you get in the game and a battle stage unlock. Whereas gigakylo is made of giganocephalus which is made of 2 locked creatures giganoto and eupo

  2. If they have 99,999,999 food or coin, it is easily possible. If they have max DNA, they might have got it from a glitch that happened a couple years ago or hacked the game. Max bucks and loyalty points are definite hackers


Thank you, both of you.
I didnt see that before until you told me, it s made from 2 locked creatures.
If we once unlocked gigakylo, it s not different except for hatch time(5 vs 7 days, isnt it?
I am not sure gigakylo-s-dna can be found on Mod-PVP or not, but monostegotops is for sure.

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Correct. Once unlocked, hatch time is the main complaint

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Added to the comments of colleagues, I can add that:

Giga doesn’t differ much in stats against Monostego at lvl 40 (500 def), however Giga lvl 10 is inferior to Monos, to match, you should get Giga to lvl 11, that translates to 1000 SADN more.

In conclusion (personal) you need 1000 SADN more to have a creature equal to monostegotops that can perfectly fulfill the function of Giga.

On the other hand ; The DNA resources of very veteran players surely exceed a million, in bills they may be above 100K and LP I have even seen 500K. I’ve been almost 2.5 years and I have 1 million DNA but only 30K bills and a little less than LP. Amounts above 10 million of these 3 resources are most likely due to some manipulation of the game.

Even grinding and saving it is difficult to reach those amounts.


Max food and max coins are fairly easy to get, so players with those resources aren’t necessarily hackers, max DNA is more complicated, since it could either be a hack, or product of a DNA glitch that happened to some players years ago. Max DB and Loyalty Points are definitely hackers unless they prove otherwise.


At levels 20 and 21, Gigankylocephalus has a higher Ferocity. So, that’s interesting that they flip positions

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Oh, I see, there was a glitch back there.

Some players I saw have 99 bucks and LPs, and they are not level 99.

So interesting!
I just unclock gigano a couple weeks ago, working on gigakylo now.