I have some suggestions


I first uploaded this to the App Store so I copied it from there


Thanks for the review Ryan - as well as reaching out to us here on our forum! I’ll make sure our devs see your message!


Hey I have a suggestion… have an icon or a button that saids Red Alert or… Storm alert… when your press it a storm comes through knocking out the power… all your dinos but 1 stays in its cage… roll to see what dino you get to have to battle the ones that escaped. once captured you get to use it to battle the next one in its cage… it’s almost like catching your dinos… it also goes well with the theme of both Jurassic park/World also goes well with the new game you guys are coming out with with catching dinos like pokemon go lol. but yeah… I love this game… and if my idea plays out… just give me shot out… and maybe some rewards for having the idea?? maybe??? XD… but each time you collect your dino and transport him to his cage <–time limit for the rarity?- once ready they are set to battle the next dino… I mean… it would be epic… I’ll be quiet now lol.


Dinosaurs should be more realistic size, in cages they realy aren’t, in battle most of them are, but example of wrong size in battle is utahraptor, i may be wrong, but i think it should be almost 2 times larger