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I have to give em’ credit

Ludia did something most companies would consider too risky, they reworked a TON of dinos, shattering the current meta. Balance in this game will be completely redefined as new abilities and mechanics are introduced, as well as an entire new tier of dinosaur, “Apex”. Easily one of the scariest updates ever, I’m completely unsure of what is going to become of my team.

TL;DR Ludia big brain


Big round of applause to Ludia. I’ excited to see the new meta and try out every creature at my disposal.


It’s way to early to sing praises. Theres a reason no other company does large changes. Changing so much may very well make balance even worse than it is now.

I can also see resistances annoying a lot of people as the mental math needed to calculate damage and speed changes got a lot harder.

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Well, they kinda had to. This is a hunting game that they tagged a battle feature onto. They gave up on the hunting bit a while ago and solely focused on monetising the fighting. Trouble is, its a terrible fighting game, so major changes were necessary.

Fair play to them, its ambitious, but it remains to be seen if it all works. However it was this or let the game die. Credit for trying.