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I have to reset for rewards all the time

Many times when I go to the rewards screen I cannot collect them. Or sometimes I do collect but it keeps showing as if I didn’t… like this:


I had already collected those two 100 coins, but it didn’t change… I always have to restart to fix it, but it eventually happens again. Also, when this starts, I can’t even see the Daily Missions anymore. This has been happening since yesterday… I’ve noticed it begins after I watch a video to speedup incs, but it has also happened without me touching the videos… I’m really frustrated to have to deal with this and the lags after buying a brand new phone mostly to play this game… JWA has always have its bugs, but I had never seen it this broken before.

The more they add to the game, the more issues it causes for the devices we use.

I’m not sure if it’s just the device or the servers that Ludia uses as other games seem fine on mine.

I have the same problem with collecting rewards on all 3 options, daily, alliance and achievements. Also donating dna is a nightmare with nothing showing until I reboot.
This is the case on 3 different devices.


Yep, I get the dna thing as well. It all happens at once… This is ridiculous. After having to wait over two months till they fix the videos issue that me and others were having, now something actually worse happens… I won’t have patience to wait that much for this to be fixed…

I’m sorry that this has started happening, Arnold. Could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key and device information so our team can investigate further?

Thank you!

I’m having this as well. Alliance missions have tiles that never collect, no matter how many times I click them. (I clicked the two in the screenshot and they are still green.) Daily missions and achievements are blank.

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This needs to be fixed asap

I lost a rhino reward because of this freaking piece of crap glitch, thinking I had collected it but didn’t and couldn’t see. Thank you Ludia

Three times now… That’s the number of times I lost the daily DNA reward because I could swear I had got it already but didn’t and wasn’t able to check.

Thanks again Ludia!!!

Two weeks and counting! If we weren’t able to check the offers of things to buy, this would have been fixed in a couple of hours of day 1…


And it’s still happening for me… I contacted support one LAST time to see if it’s fixed. If it isn’t, since we cannot create goodbye topics, I’ll use this one to bid you all farewell. I don’t have patience for a broken game anymore…

I started having this same issue a few days ago. My daily missions page and the achievements page will go completely blank:


And I can’t collect rewards from the alliance missions page (I have tapped that inc multiple times).


Going into a sanctuary and coming back out temporarily fixes it, but the problem is returning multiple times per day. I’m using a OnePlus 6T with Android 10. I tried clearing cache before, and I (obviously) updated the game to today’s new version, and I’m still having the issue.

Came back to say that this problem started exactly when I had a fulfilled DNA request on my alliance page that I hadn’t claimed. I was saving that fulfilled epic request to claim when the new update dropped so I could get the new achievement.

I claimed that request today, and my mission problem went away. I have visited the weekly missions page many times today with no issues, and have been able to claim all rewards from tiles on the alliance missions tab.

Those of you with this issue – @Arnold @RCRiv @Schtemty – do you have fulfilled/uncollected donations, by any chance?

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Thanks @Castal but I bought a new phone and have no issues with it now, a Samsung s21 ultra.

I still have the annoying wait for friends list to load, and it often doesn’t tell me who is online unless I reboot, but otherwise everything is much smoother now.

Collected and haven’t had the problem so far… That might actually be it… Something so stupid…

Thank you very much Castal. This is why I don’t stop coming to the forum. Active players can be more helpful than… well, let me just keep it to myself… don’t wanna get suspended again!

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@Ned Because this has solved the issue for a couple of us now, you may want to let the devs know that the blank daily missions page (and the inability to collect alliance mission tile rewards) may be due to fulfilled but uncollected DNA requests. We both had fulfilled DNA requests sitting around and our mission pages were constantly going blank. As soon as we collected the donated DNA, the mission pages were fine!

I’ll share the findings with our team. Thank you, Castal!

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