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I have trophies but I am not on the leaderboard

Hello everyone,
As you can see in the title I have trophies, I get trophies if I win a battle and loose if I loose a battle, but if I check the leaderboard I see only a message that “play in the Tournament to be ranked.” This is not the season leaderboard? Tournaments are during the weekends. After my last win I saw the message “new high score” and in the leaderboard I saw the actual amount of trophies but I am not ranked. Any ideas?

Hey zoli777, could you reach out to our support team here at so our team can take a look at your account? Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


Thank you but it is totally useless. I was banned a couple of weeks ago and you do not offer support for players like me. Today I found the consequences after a ban so I know that this is the reason why I am not on the leaderboard.

After the ban I was not able to play against people in the arena so I stopped playing this game. Then I saw the update 1.10 and I decided to give it a chance maybe it will work and yes it worked. I am able to play against the others and I get trophies too but I am not on the leaderboard.

First I got a 1 day ban, you did not answer me that why, so I tought it is only a mistake or some kind of bug. After that I got a 3 days ban and I started to figure out why… I found on the internet the fair play rules what I did not read before. This was my mistake I know but I got my punishment for it (2 times ban) and now I just want to play normally but I can not. I do not understand your system, the player get a ban and he is punished but this is not enough, he can not play normally after that. So why you do not give a permanent ban at first?

I payed for this game and I did a mistake that I did not read the rules at the beginning but I learned from that and I would like to play normally. Is that possible? Without the leaderboard it is pointless to play the game. Please just tell me, do I have a chance or I can uninstall the game? Because withiut leaderboard it is equal as a permanent ban in my opinion.