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I have zero trophies?

Why when I click on my level to view my player, I have zero trophies. Even in my alliance it states I have zero trophies. But when I go to the battle area location, it states I have 4187 trophies there. Why it is showing as 0 in other places?? I’ve tried force closing the game, uninstall and reinstall but still zero.

It’s causing me to get none of the benefits of high trophies like the DNA for Ankylosaurus

If you spoof, your account may have gotten flagged. I believe flagged cheaters are listed as 0 trophies in alliances.

If not, you probably should open a ticket with support.

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Hey Hazel_Greyson, could you contact our support team at with your support key? Our team could take a look at your account to see what might be going on. Thanks!

I have emailed Ludia support. Y’all (Mark) keep saying that my account was flagged for cheating/spoofing and refuse to help. I’m not a spoofer or cheater! I just wish y’all would reply with more info on WHY it was flagged, what caused the flag and what we could do to fix that. But all I get is a generic reply “we can’t help you’ve been flagged”. I want to have an actual conversation with a tech support person.

@Ned can you please see my posted thread I couldn’t @mention but I’m super worked up need help you’ve helped me a lot before same with others.

My account is showing as zero now as well. It wasn’t like this last season. Idk what changed. I’ve already contacted support.

Edit: According to people in my alliance, my trophy count shows for them. I’m thinking it must be a visual bug for me then.

You haven’t battled since the new Miragaia season started.

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I checked that out first. I did a few battles and even restarted the game. Still showed as zero for me. It’s fixed now. There is currently another visual bug that is showing me 3 different trophy counts in the arena.

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I believe you’re not I was just letting you know why accounts show up as yours does (spoofing specifically) and that you should contact support if that’s not the case. With the sheer amount of bugs in this game, it’s definitely hard to tell.