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I havent been my best lately

Well, a lot of my posts have been hidden.
And some of them for weird reasons.
So I would like to say sorry if I’ve hurt anyone,
and I would like to be better :slightly_smiling_face:.

Also, heres a poem I made while writing this.

RNG, bless me,
RNG, please dont make me lose.
RNG, you are really loose,
The worst.

Your a mean one, RNG
You sting like a bee.
Your as bad as an indominus,
And dont imply you’re gallimimus.
RNG, you are and I quote:
“Losing, lost, lose!”.

Dont ask why I made that
I have no idea.

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Sorry if I’ve hurt anyone emotionally!

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Nothing hurts me emotonally anymore…
I once was sitting in a bus and saw a Ankylosaur 206m away …

Since im a broke as man.

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I feel you bro

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