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I haven't cussed at the Arena

… NEARLY as much as I have in trying to unlock uniques because of the (insert expletives here) “10’s” in DNA fusing! It’s maddening!

Oh that hurts, its happened to be b4 with 3 dna off indom and 1 dna off diloranus, I was so upset lol


That happened to me alao 1 dna off from unloxking baryonyx gen 1

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I got so many 10s while trying to get thor, and the only reason I have thor is because of the recent Carnivore event with the thor and tryko.

Oh yes, I had nothing but 10’s, very few 20’s, and like 1 30 or 40 while unlocking my sweet sweet dilophoboa and constrictor, and I still get nothing but 10’s so I always do multifuse with them, I at least get 40’s during those

Ugh, yes, when trying to unlock certain uniques all I seem to see is 10, 10, 10, 20, 10, 10.

…Then a 50 fuse. On a rare hybrid like Suchotator.


All i get is 10s too, super annoying yet somehow i get 60s 70s and 100s on lesser hybrids
even worse when i grind dna from sanc and then all i get is a fat 10 in my face


Every time! I got two 100’s in a 20-fuse on my Majundaboa but Magnapyritor, Trykosaurus, and Erlikospyx are created almost exclusively with 10’s (Magna had two - yes, just TWO - 20’s among them, and Trykosaurus and Erlikospyx are only where they are due to events otherwise it’s nothing but 10’s)


I remeber a few days ago 10 dna away from upgrading suchotator to lvl 10 at that point i was at 240 suchotator but when i fuse the last bit of irritator gen2 and suchomimus dna i had left it gave ma a 30