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I havent received my mail

So early this morning I unlocked COT after doing fight for funds battle, I then did the first battle of COT, didn’t have any more dinosaurs left so I exited the game to wait for a few hours. About an hour later I update the game before joining to put another rare in the hatchery, my COT is locked and then I check Facebook to see the posts about it, I haven’t received my Segnosaurus pack in my inbox and everybody else has gotten their pack in the mail. Am I ever gonna get mine?

Sorry for the repetitive topic I’m just a bit worried

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Those who are VIP with the help of the extra events could have unlocked Segnosaurus,and due to the event reset glitch,they can max segnosaurus very easily! Plus CoT is based off your ferocity and is hence easy ! I wish I could do the same,lots of LP and free Segnosaurus without paying anything. I am not yet exploiting it due to the fair play rules

I have no idea what you’re saying

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If you have still not received your pack I would message support stating so.


I just did. :+1:

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