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I hold on to hope and have faith in you Ludia

I know everyone says that you don’t listen. And i know everyone always attacks this update, myself included, but i believe the employees and devs at ludia will do their best to fix everything. This update is arguably the absolute worst update the game has ever witnessed. It has reached a point that is worse than the raptor meta, and before event dinos were even introduced.

But. I notice that they have listened to feedback. And they have listened to everyone.
They realized that boosts that could be purchased was a mistake since they actually pulled it! They know how much backlash this update has received. I reckon at least a couple employees have had headaches over this mess. And most of all I know they have noticed the severerity of the situation. Everyone ive talked to and everyone ive seen has cancelled their vip. Players are giving up. And i know they notice this.

They might not share what they are doing, but i know they are figuring out a solution. I hope they do the right thing by fixing everything. All the people ive spoken to who cancelled vip told me they cancelled because of stat boosts. I believe that if they do SOMETHING about boosts, they will get back a good portion of their player base. I have faith in you Ludia. Please, just make a seperate stat boost arena and it should solve the problems.


Having faith and hope in Ludia? Seriously? Lol

Ludia is one of the most money hungry greedy developers I’ve ever come across. I’ve spent thousands on JWA,…and it was fun to be in the top 50 for a time,… but I woke up,… I canceled my VIP some time ago. And will never spend another dime on Ludia again. It’s throwing money away and to what end?

1.7 just demonstrates their thought process in decision making. If critical thinking was involved in their thought process they would have went a completely different direction with the game. The smartest developers will use their top players feedback to produce updates players want.

Ludia creates a huge problem,… Ludia eventually addresses the problem,… wash,…rinse,…repeat,… it’s never ending


The problem with removing boosts from the stores is the players who had a bunch of dino bucks already bought them out. Especially using there tourney exploit funds. Combined with the boost exploit. Now removing them puts others in a disadvantage and behind. But I’m okay with them gone. I didn’t get to buying a single one yet. I just got some from dailys and the one tower. And I didn’t exploit it that day. My boosted team is basically a representation of how it should of been.

I have given you a positive because I also want to have faith in them, although the hopes are getting smaller. The 1.6 update already seemed very bad and difficult to overcome with its two Darwin’s uniques but the 1.7 exceeded it in everything with the boosts and the unique payment that hid some improvements of the version and, above all, the hard work done by them but in the wrong direction.

I hope they do something and soon before this game that could have been the best, die.

If it was their first fail, I would also have faith in Ludia. Even if it was their second one. But after fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail and many more times fail there’s nothing to believe in. The only thing that they do better is fail.

For the whole year they became only worse. Much more bugs and much more serious ones. It’s been almost 2 weeks after update and they created even more bugs for this period. Some of them they just ignore as usually. They don’t hurry to fix boost problem when it has to be solved in hours in this situation.

So for me, for a player who plays almost right from the start there’s no more faith in Ludia. The only good thing that they can do is sell this project to someone else. Cause this game is obviously too complicated for them.


I do not agree with the comment. I started playing in June and at that time the game had many errors, many of which were solved. Since then, there have been very good new things (aroma capsules, alliances, individual daily missions, weekly alliance missions, etc.) even though they added little justifiable things (maximum of 2 cumulative capsules, same prize one week after another in the missions of alliance, errors in the alliance chat, …). The problem has been this version with four large errors, only two partially solved.

  1. Errors in the launch in Android: The issue is solved but the solution was very slow, there was no compensation and, at least I, I am still waiting for the 100 erliko that I could not pick up due to the version error.

  2. The error of the pairings, I believe that already corrected. The objective of avoiding the descents and ascents was good, but the solution was defective.

  3. The Boosts: It is not only a question of the error used by some, conceptually introducing the boosts was a bad idea and more boosts so big. It might make sense to get a boosts of 1% in some quality of a creature after many weeks of fighting for it, but not to match a dino in a monster in a week.

  4. The introduction of two unique payment only in version 1.7 after the introduction of two unique imposibles in version 1.6.

The first and second error will be simply as bad memory, the fourth error is solvable if they soon release a new version with a few unique non-payment and the big problem, the problem of boosts, I think they are trying to find a solution, and I sincerely hope they find it.