I honestly can't decide what is the most broken thing right now

If it’s Skoona and Hadros with their 6k+ damage on turn 1

If it’s Cera at 2600+ base damage, becoming 3900 on a vulnerable creature (which happens a lot)

If it’s MRhino, less damage than Cera but practically impossible to take down before it escapes now

Or if it’s Testacornibus… This thing, man. I have no words… Those who had the “pleasure” of facing them at level 30 max boosted will know what I’m talking about…


Testa isnt broken, we just need more Fierce endgame creature,
Its probably Lux, skoona, and ceRAT .
Lux needs a minor nerf and change Rampage to GDI and GEH to Greater Group Heal or Emergency Group Heal.
CeRat needs minor nerf on damage
Skoona needs to lose her instant impact to her previous moveset.
Mrhino needs to loose rend resistant and got her 1300 damage back as compensation.


Are you actually saying Dracoceratops is in the top 3 best creatures?

The issue with the meta at the moment is the fierce class being absolutely trash.
The only good fierce at the moment are creatures that have a bleed for example spinocon and scorp G3
We need more unqiues that are mainly fierce based, there are so many resilient and cunning base unqiues compared to fierce.
The fierce class at the moment is a genetic code to add DSR onto a cunning or resilient.

Also neefing mortem doesn’t help for the meta, lost so many matches recently to the swap in stun stunning him now because now its 50/50.

Edit - just putting this out there
Unique hybrids pure fierce = 1
Unique hybrids pure cunning = 6
Unique hybrids pure resilient = 6


If we don’t have Fierce endgame creatures to deal with it right now… Then right now it’s broken


Skoona is easily the most broken. The extreme bulk, high attack, multipliers, crit chance, vulnerability counter and move set make it an absolute monster. It’s by far the best creature in the game.

Testa is a close second.


He was talking about CeRATamagnus


Most broken? Easy. Login it is.


We had that in Mortem.

But sadly it’s a shame that it, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, took a nerf to its Stun and Vulnerability resistances.


The Testa is fine, the only thing it has is that it did not change any of its movements and that is good against the crafty as many resilients lost the ability to counteract speed, the Testa has it built in, the counter heal does not heal the bleeding, so Thylacotator is an effective opponent against the deer


Testa is OP IMO, given its stat buffs and insane healing potential. The thing is a high tyrant for sure and definitely benefits from having a swap heavy team.

Also you can forget about swapping in and finishing it off, given its on escape healing. Head to head nearly everything gets bodied before finishing it off. And pinning it isn’t an option.

The top current fierce creatures were nerfed so they struggle, and this thing annilates cunnings and other resilients. It’s up there with skoona in the broken category.


Also testa can cleanse bleeding and heal via dig in. So that’s not very effective. And its constant healing give it a much higher effective HP.

Its stats were heavily buffed this patch, and it gained counter power heal. It’s now a monster.


If Testa has its Devastion ready (which WILL happen now, with all the HP buff and heal) it can take down most things out there, and outstand other tanks,… Even if it has to swap out for something with SIA to finish the job, (which the opponent can’t do, or Testa will heal even more)… Only three enconters with that thing in mid-upper Gyro already made me wanna stay far away from the Shore, where I know there are many more…

And another problem, that I can’t say for myself but got reports about it: Testa vs Testa is like an infinite loop… People have told me they can spend almost 10 freaking minutes in that matchup when it happens…


Testa has infinite :infinity: health


Testa is ridiculously OP now… it can never die… if you face him with no Mortem in your current match, just give up, it’s not worth it… almost as much as playing this broken game anymore


I don’t normally ask for Nerfs about any creature
But Testa needs something done to it pretty quick

That counter heal needs to go to be honest

Ludia though know what they are doing they want to see high level ones first before changing anything - I almost fell into the trap of leveling it but I’m not gonna waste my coins for a creature which will be good for a little while .


I’m running testa (moderately boosted right now) at 29 and it has fantastic match ups but it has bad match ups as well. It’s a dramatic improvement but I wouldn’t call it broken, it’s survivability is crazy but I haven’t found it to be dominating though I did say I’m running it moderately boosted right now.


I saw a video on YouTube of a person who was fighting Scorpius Rex GEN 3 against Testa, and he used the toxic feathers to attack the deer and the counter-healing does not cure the bleeding, it forces the deer to use the shield healing move, for I say that the Thylacotator could be a worthy opponent with the Bleed and Tear, another worthy opponent against the deer is the Grypolyth.

Here’s the thing guys… The problem is not that it doesn’t have counters. Of course it has counters. Everything has counters… The problem is that IF you don’t have that counter selected, It’s OVER! Ooooover!.. Like Tommy said, you should just give up… When we face other tanks without a good counter, we can hit them over and over, like water to stone, till it’s weakened and taken down… Or you can swap in a Cera or Rhino at 2k+ HP… Against Testa you can’t do any of that. And that is game breaking… Not to mention that even if you have that counter, the opponent can swap to a Scorpio Rex or something…

Testa is so broken, that I even have DNA, coins AND boosts to make myself a pretty strong Testa, but I’m waiting to see if they will take any action to nerf it, like they did once to Maxima in the very next update cause they realized they messed up… I believe the only reason there aren’t more people infuriated by that thing and complaining about it here is because we don’t have many strong Testas out there yet… but let’s just wait and see…


Although I will offer respect to your personal experience as a player in gyrosphere who’s using it I find it balanced. Some creatures have no chance while others crush it