I honestly can't decide what is the most broken thing right now

I’m in Gyro too, but I’ve been to the Shore… And I have no place facing the Testas in there that heal over 2k HP, and if I send a counter, they swap to a lvl30 Scorpio Rex… And if I swap to something good against Scorpio, they swap back to Testa HEALING while doing so… No thank you… As I said, not many strong Testas in Gyro yet, and I imagine there’s even less on lower arenas… So again, let’s just wait.

That being said, I respect your opinion too, and although I can’t speak as a Testa user, I have alliance members using it in the Shore saying that theirs are indeed broken. And also sharing even worst experiences then mine. One of them experienced a Stygi bleed-swapping to a Testa, then using Dig in, then bringing back Stygi… and repeat… I can only imagine how awesome that felt… “Strategy”, one might say… but well, I don’t think it’s good for the game a “strategy” that gives you absolutely no chance to compete if you don’t have that specific creature in your team…




If they ad this this might fix the problem of the fierce uniqeu’s

Fierce with resistance to distraction and rampage as a priority? If these creatures were added to the game I would simply uninstall.


At least we have a new fierce unique hybrid coming into the game but unfortunately it will use Carnotaurus DNA that could destroy the game’s strongest resilients. Hopefully Ludia will add more unique fierce creatures to the game that aren’t OP but that beat current resilient ones.

I’m so proud of my Testacornibus, being called OP, it brings a tear to my eye.
In all seriousness, with the current state of resilients, it’s best that fierce dinosaurs are slower than normal to dish out a lot of damage in one blow to not get two shot by Hadros or Skoona, and with Testa being the fastest Resilient, I mean just put some damage and two shot it back, before devastation. I don’t think it’s that bad, but then again I am Nublar Shores or Gyrosphere. If it’s that bad, then it doesn’t need a heavy nerf, just remove counter heal.

Besides, it can’t remove cloak, so Indominus can be a good counter, but not everyone uses it.

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That crit reduction immunity is a bit too broken for fierce(not sure why Albertasaurus has it in the first place)

I have faced a few Testas, and man, is this thing broken. It has potentially like 20k or 30k health, with all the heals, and armor and dig in shield. Most fierce, if not all, are not so good now, and anything else (that don’t break shield/armor) will need to do about those 20k/30k damage to beat a Testa (which nothing can do, obviously).

Skoona is also pretty broken, but I have had my Skoona 1-1 vs Testa (not only once) and Testa destroys it.

And if you do have some fierce like Mortem to counter Testa… But opponent has Scorpio also, you’re also toast.

I was in a match earlier today where opponent brought 1700ish health Testa against my full health Hadros, dig in, swapped out then back in, and end up killing Hadros while finishing with almost full health.

The whole game is very broken now, but Testa is definitely the worst


Plus, yes, like someone else said, I could also make a big Testa for myself (possibly 30 with good boosts) but I think I’d better wait to see how it goes. Because I do believe it’s a game breaker right now and some action should be taken. This would be very unfair to everyone who used their resources to build it, but the way it is, it’s unfair to all others and makes people even want to quit the game (I’ve seen some reporting this). Maybe just removing the counter heal (as also someone else said) could be enough to make it closer to balanced, would still be pretty good but maybe not broken.


Healing in this game are one of the things I’ve come to hate the most - they can heal far too quickly (mainly after they changed the healing moves to be based on attack).

Did they take down your best fierce (like most of them still do)? Good luck getting that health down before they magically restore it all. I’ve been in so many matches where Mammotherium restores to full health whilst taking down an entire team, and I can only imagine what Testa is like right now. Don’t get me started on Hadros, either.


Hadros is not nearly as broken as Testa. It has no armor (Testa is 45%!!!), no shields (let alone shield while healing), no extra healing every time it takes damage, it can’t distract (Testa also can’t but this is about the only thing it can’t do).

I’m in shores all the time, and what I see is Hadros usually do big damage first attack, but also takes big damage and gets within SIA range. Most times it can’t even use the heal move, because something comes before and SIAs it to death (which I think is also cheap, but it happens all the time, I’ll do it too if I must). Testa on the other hand… does decent damage, takes little damage, and immediately heals 1/3 or even 1/2 of it. Then it can dig in, healing back to full health while having a shield on top of its armor. Then it has devastation ready.

Oh, and we must not forget Hadros has 108 base speed while Testa has freaking 128, making it faster than almost anything else.


Testa has to wait until it’s 3rd attack to use that big damage move while Hadros gets a free counter attack plus vulnerable into a rampage literally every turn, Hadros is absolutely still a bigger issue over all. Plus, and I hate admitting g this, we were saying exclusive ingredient uniques should be as good as or even possibly better then Apexs and maybe they were listening.

You forgot 100% vuln resistance too… Fully boosted you need two counters are your team for it and hope you draw both. Also, can’t trap it. Plus devastation is precise so you can’t hide from it either. It’s busted .


testa has 2 precise moves (one of them if ready is devastation) plus instant 50% shield, is indominus really good for that?

ow, i didn’t notice that.
is that mean testa doesn need hp boost? just max boost that damage and will be a healing party lol.


Its not game breaking tbh… testa would be fine if Lydia gave fierce back their vulnerability resistances. So its not a result of its kit but a state of it counters which are in poor shape. Testa is meant to counter swappers so that’s fine… the problem isn’t testa is what I’m saying. Just buff fierce through vulnerability and stun resists and add more endgame fierce options.

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Testa destroys the current fierce creatures regardless of vulnerability resistance. The thing is flat out broken and possibly the most OP creature to date.


As I said in my first comment after the initial topic: if we don’t have Fierce creatures strong enough to counter it NOW, then that means NOW it really is game breaking. We can’t say “It’s not broken, it just needs ‘this’”… Well, if we need something that we don’t have, then it IS broken! :laughing:


Sure you can say its overperforming in the current meta… but let’s not try to persuade Ludia to nerf it back into the dust. Just support giving fierce vulnerability resist back and then more fierce options. That is how I would prefer it to be dealt with.

We have just come to conclusion that vulnerability is not the reason why t***a is the most broken dino rn