I honestly dont know what to say


I’m the level 12 with 3 legendaries… dude had on his team of 4 trystronix… stegocero… and ripper(indo)… I had barry, indom, rajanky and pyro… Barry vs trystronix… barry loses by a small amount… sent pyro in to finish the job… he/she sends in stego… I pounce he slow impacts me i switch to raja to finish the job… he sends in ripper who one shots my raja… 2 to 2 at this point hes got a full health indo in evasive stance… I send in indom I cloak he hits his first strike takes me down to less than half… misses his 2nd I connect with rampage and win… I say in the title that I dont know what to say… hes got maybe a little more than 3500 trophies… I feel like with a team like that he should be much much higher


Well, you did beat him and RNGESUS

so it’s your won dude!


I dont feel like I should have tho… severely out dinoed… got lucky that’s for sure… definitely had some dinos I want… close to being able to create


I would prefer to select my four Dino’s for battle I would feel better about the win or lose…I have had multiple wins that were purely given to me by RNG what fun is that? I understand how you feel! Some though would take any win including the one given them by RNG and give themselves a big pat the back for what? RNG won the match…For me a RNG Win leaves me feeling empty it wasn’t my selection that won the battle… Really the RNG bot canned program really deserves more pats on the back than any player does here. Hopefully Ludia addresses this RNG issue and make the battles a true PVP hands on experience…


That’s a ~4300 team, he didn’t play well, even taken RNG into consideration.


Uniques are only uniques if played in the good hands. I myself have slayed a team of unique dinos using 2 commons, 1 epic and 1 legendary. People with a couple uniques still can’t proceed nor can they earn more credits than you do.


I recognize that team because I also played it and checked his team roster when I got done! He had 3500 plus trophies and I had about the same so the Matchmaker did its job. I was wondering how that team only had 3500 trophies. I lost btw when he brought out the unique! Lol.


That’s a pretty standard lv13 team imo. Got his/her indo early but it does happen.


Remember something,

Collecting DNA and leveling dinosaurs is completely different than battling with them!

A person can spend all their time money and resources collecting all the DNA in the world and have a team of unique and legendary but be clueless in battles!

Reason for this is simple!

They spent all their time, money and resources collecting DNA


Lol… better keep those… I’m assuming you’ll need them for whatever reason :wink::wink::wink: