I honestly think glyptodon at level 7 is overpowered

Honestly i was battle in campaigns against some epics (erlikosaurus and probably monolophosaurus)so i used my level 7 glyptodon NOT BOOSTED OR BUFFED just a normal level 7 glyptodon so i used vurnability abilities and turns out i defeated 2 STRONG EPICS honestly i think this is the right time to use glyptodon at level 6 or 7,this also happened with fukuisaurus because of its op healing ability and dracorex(not gen 2) because of its stun priority) i used glyptodon most often because of it

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Resilient creatures counter cunnings.


Yea also something weird happened i had a suchotator battle a diplodocus ALSO in campaigns and i used distraction Somehow on my first turn after using distraction i was allowed to attack first

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That’s just a glitch that happens sometimes. But then again it’s happened to me so often that I think it’s safe to say Ludia intended for that to happen

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Did you just say that Erlikosaurus and Monolophosaurus are strong epics? Pardon me, but both are weak compared to the actually strong epics such as Argenteryx and Megalotops.

Also Glyptodon is literally designed to kill cunnings. Just because it can beat Gorgotrebax doesn’t mean it is OP

  1. Yea what do you expect glyptodon is a resilient and erlik and mono are cunnings

  2. Erlik and mono aren’t even that good for epics


Resilients beats cunning cunning beats fierce fierce beats resilient, if it’s op to mono and erlik just try and use a lvl 5 allosaurus and see what happens

(Also happy cakeday @Idelephoenix :partying_face: :birthday:)

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Wait a minute. My birthday is in October. Uhm…

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I just edited it to say the right b-day lol

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Could be when you joined the forum.

I believe it is that way cuz they sent me a dm with “Anniversary” on it