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I hope L1 gets rebalanced

Having got an epic scent earlier today I was thinking where to use use it. Having recently moved to an L1 I thought using it here would be the obvious choice, having had little previous L1 access, but then thought “What’s the point?”


Sino: Handed out in the 1000s so I’m stocked up good
Conc: Same as above
Brachi: September daily so will have 3000+

Because of this I am really hoping L1 epics gets a rebalance in 1.9. Bring back Erliko and Kentro!!!

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A monthly migration would keep things balanced. Then everyone will be given a shot at all hybrids. Some people are making huge Dracoceratops because they live in L2.


I work in L2 and have an endless supply of Draco gen 2, but there is no chance I’ll ever level the bugger.

Anyway, L1 currently does seem to be the worst for epics. L2 has raja, L3 has mono, L4 has kentro. Everything else has been handed out in massive amounts.
Hopefully with 1.9 there will be some migrations again. And hopefully more often than that, like a complete shift. 1 <-> 2 and 3 <-> 4 or something.

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I’ve only made it for the “museum”, I’ve got Kapro, which is like a mini DC that can pass through dodge/immunity. And it doesn’t regen so not OP.

They could make the zones migrate in a right-down pattern. That way L1 becomes L3, then L3 becomes L2, then becomes L4, then back to L1.
This is how the grid seems to go in my city:

erliko can gladly stay in area 2 imo

I think a general massive zone shake up is required not just a here and there movement.

Throw everything in a random number generator and see what happens IMHO.

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This grid seems very similar to my area, but I think the blocks are smaller. Feels like I don’t have to travel that far for different zones.
Is this the standard order? L3 L1 L2 L4, repeat?

I have to travel about 2km on each side (I live almost at the center of the L4) to find anything from another zone (save for nests). At the cross between the zones you can find pretty much everything. Lucky people who live there, they get a bit of everything.

RNG would likely end up with giving you the same zone twice or more in a row. I’d rather they migrate orderly to give everyone a fair chance.

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Is there like a website where you can identify what zone you are in, so we can make a global map? :slight_smile: Would be neat!
I’l try to make one for my city

I wish there was, but when I asked on reddit, they said nobody wants to crowdfund that because not enough people play JWA. Silph Road did an awesome job with letting players discover and report nests for PGO.
I had to roam my city to figure out the pattern, and I’m still trying to refine the borders for each zone, especially since the nests (restaurants, banks, etc) keep messing stuff up.

If you don’t want them, I’ll gladly take them at local 2, Sino and Brachi are the amongst the most useful in the game right now and I never have enough of them, despite all the free DNA we were/are getting… cherish what you have, buddy, you’ll need it one day

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Perhaps, but with Thor and Rinex at ~27 and 5k Sino left, I can’t say I’m in dire need. I’d still always dart them though, you never know. I see Sino quite often at gas stations, always helps.
Brachi is nice for when you want to level Maxima, or when you expect more Brachi hybrids. For now I’m good, Maxima isn’t worth putting in my team any time soon.

Uff this is proving more difficult then I imagined :stuck_out_tongue: Even though I mapped most of my city in my head quite well.

L1 is good if you started after getting shovelled sino. Balance has to work for new players as well as old players. Monthly rotations are the best solution no matter if you’ve been playing a year or a week.


Last week I fought a level 28 maxima and it gave me some hard time I have to say, so I have decided I should level it up and put it on my team, because it really is a force to be reconed with when leveled and boosted… but I only managed to create it for now, so there’s still a long way to go for me to get there… hope the daily reward will help me this month

Yeah definitely true. I always pity the players who missed all the trex, erliko, sino or anky we got for months.

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I removed my house and work location from my map I had made last year but the zones are approximately 2 miles or 3 kilometers square… at least where I live. I would go out hunting and keep track and remember where I saw local creatures and after a while I could see where the zone lines would be approximately.


It’s something like this, but getting the lines exactly where they are supposed to be is difficult. There’s just a couple of lines that I’m certain about and that’s why the grid is a bit off :slight_smile:

even after all those sino in alliance mission,i end up getting thor lvl 27 and utarinex lvl 25 and im out of sino
conc:i bet he will get a superhybrid soon enough,he is clearly one of the epic which have the poorest value
Brachi,his unique will probably get a buff soon as it was for gemini
The clue is not to rotate the creature,its too value their uniques.