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I hope these matches come back soon

I miss Jake, Calum, and Ryan :broken_heart: like literally miss them so bad. I hope they get an update soon. They’ve only been on a break for about a week now but I’m starting to get bored


:joy::sob: Zayn (Jake’s counterpart) and Ryan have been gone for me for, at least, two months. Maybe longer for Zayn, but its all bit of a blur, now. At least Calum had come back for a short time earlier this month :woman_shrugging:

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It’s the same for several characters

Ooooh, welcome to the waiting game. I’ve been waiting since September. I’m currently playing on 2 other accounts to replay their stories while I wait for them.

I don’t like this waiting game :rofl::rofl::rofl: I only started like two, maybe three weeks ago.

Also another thing- I’m surprised I don’t match w everyone? Is this based on zodiac or whatnot?

Nope! If you don’t match with someone it’s either because you already have their counterpart (most characters have 2-3 counterparts) or because their story isn’t available yet. The zodiac signs don’t mean anything. If you have one character, you can’t match with their counterpart, because it’s the same story, just different looks. That being said, you can’t unmatch someone after you’ve started talking to them to match with their counterpart either. You can find a list of counterparts on Reddit or in the Facebook group. They’re an easy Google, too. For example, Jamie/Seth, Jake/Charlie/Zayn, Adam/Dominic, Michael/Sam, William/Julien, Hugo/Marco, etc… so if you have either of those and are already in conversation with them, you can’t match with (or switch to) the other character(s).

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But yeah, Ludia currently has only been bringing back characters slowly every Tuesday and Thursday, but I’ve seen them post about trying to find a better schedule. Just this week, we got Noah/Antoine on Tuesday and Austin/Damien on Thursday. Last week was Austin/Damien on Tuesday and I believe Calum/Alex or Min-Jae/Liam. The week before was also Austin/Damien on Tuesday and either one of the other two I mentioned before on Thursday. No telling when someone will get released though, it’s all random.

I believe Austin/Damien were more frequently updated because they’re in high demand… however the way it just ended today makes it seem like it’ll be another few months until we hear back from them, sadly. But this gives room for other returns. I know a lot of people are waiting for Skylar, Hugo, and Johnathan (or Jaden, Marco, and Albert as counterparts). In the Facebook group, we have a calendar that has the days marked of when someone has returned. Mostly to document. There’s really no pattern at this point.



Fam can you link me to it?

Also thank you for the insight!! That’s very useful information to know. I appreciate you

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Same here! Is there a way to go to that FB group =) ?

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Here’s the link to the group. It’s private so you’ll have to answer questions so they can approve you. Make sure you read the announcements for rules because there is a strict rule about spoilers, and just a few other things to take note of. It’s a fun group where we all can relate in ways because of this game!

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Just linked it above! Not sure if you also get the notification. Just make sure you read the announcements for the rules!!

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

No problem! See ya there!! I’m around frequently, especially when it comes to Austin!

Yes thank you!! I just joined