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I hope they take the survey I just did serious

One of the questions was about being able to swap one daily mission for another! I would love to be given a higher general battle mission and swap out the daily incubator one! That would be a great move for people that don’t want to arena battle but want to be able to collect the daily rewards!

One thing that aggravated me is the forced fighting in the tournament and getting my trophies reset from 4730 to 4590 because at I had a decent buffer and could do the daily battles without fear of dropping out of aviary! We should be given a choice!

I was doing a good job of win a few lose a few and was able to get the daily incubator and maintain that approx level! Fluctuated from 4650 to 4790


Didn’t I read somewhere that they are now taking your highest achieved trophy count during the season. So if you had 4700 and then dropped to 4400, you would still get rewards for your 4700

Not officially yet!

@Jorge is this highest achievement active in this tournament?

No. I wish it was, and i sure hope they activate it for the next tournament. I don’t want to battle right now for fear of a trophy drop. If my max was recorded i could just battle and battle endlessly and not worry about fluctuating.

I deffo clicked yes on the ability to swap a task. Sounds handy for those times when you have limited range or time.

On the open-ended question about what we’d like, I suggested the choice of epic DNA for the next day, similar to how we select DNA requests in alliances. Tomorrow, I want… T-rex. Then the next day… Kentro.

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I also selected “yes” for the ability to swap an unfinished daily mission. I remember at least one day when I completed everything except the friendly challenge requirement due to nobody willing to fight.

I also suggested a choice of epic DNA… maybe let us pick one of two (or more) epics as our daily reward.

I’m certaily happy to see Anky (I have > 1,200 Kentro and had zero Anky).

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