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I hope this handsome boy is getting a hybrid soon

Very cool design. Definitely looks like a good hybrid material!


Hmm I might doodle some concepts… :thinking:

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If it does, please not with rending takedown

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Personally it looks like they grabbed the green variation of the papo allo. I wish I got him.

DSR for sure

Agree. Rending moves don’t make too much sense on a big bite chomper like this. They have potential to do so much less damage than a DSR would. Otherwise, the monster looks great!

Oh my- GOD! IMAGINE this thing with suchotator… ohhhhooooo!



Rarity: Unique

Material: Suchotator and Allo gen 2


Attack: 1400
Hp: 5200
Crit Chance: 20%
Speed: 110
Armor: 0%


Cleansing Strike
Rending Takedown
Lethal Wound
Instant Distraction


YEEEEAAAAAHHHH! I want this thing soooo bad now!

I hate to say it, but, whilst I love Allo gen 2, its rending takedown is actually less effective than DSR.

Let’s take Geminititan who has 6360 health at level 26. At level 26, Allo deals 1800 damage. Let’s say it had Deffence shattering Rampage. If it did, it would deal 3600 damage, which is actually more than half of Gemitititans health. Sure, you may say that boosts will be thrown into the equation, but in all honesty as a chomper, you would want to boost Allo’s attack stat anyway,

Apart from that, its a very solid epic