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I hope those who asked for a boost reset are happy

Me? I’m already bored to death!! Fighting the same 10 to 12 dinos over and over and over and over and over. Seriously, I’m now so happy when I get to fight the AI, simply because I finally get to fight different dinos, even if they are easy. I suspect that in some arenas, the diversity is better (I truly hope so for you). I’ve always been competitive, but for the first time in 3 years, I’m thinking of dropping arenas just so I can fight different dinos instead of the same usual fully boosted Apexes and Uniques…


Yeah, I’m happy. I haven’t really seen a change except perhaps less DCs and I took all the wasted boosts off dinos I wasn’t using in raids anymore, made some minor tweaks to my team and got to play with some other dinos I’m now working on getting to team level so next reset I have multiple additions. I think it went great, sorry you dont.


May I ask what level you’re playing and how many different dinos you get to fight against? I may join your arena soon!

You and I have had this discussion before. Im typically in mid to high gyrosphere and can dip my toes in shores if the urge suits me. It’s a bit of deceptive math because I saw the 3 main apexs constantly before but I’d say I regularly see 6-10 other dinos a day with some wild curve balls occasionally, I faced a level 30 andrewtodon yesterday. You always talk about being in shores so that begs the question, how much actually changed for you? You were already facing max boosted 30s and apexs so nothing changed, we all have enough boosts up here to max everything on our team and then some so these resets aren’t hurting us as badly as some like to say.


Well, I used to fight Maxima, Thor, Quetz, Thyla, Erlidominus, a little touch of Mammolania, Draco and many odd balls like Allo, Phoru, Spinoconstrictor, even a few high level Tuo, and all of them, in the hand of awesome players who knew perfectly how to play them. Add to this Sarco and Monolometrodon (which I’m ok that they are gone). Sure, they were not tyrants but were played well enough to bring those players in the Spheres, even bottom of the beach. Now, all of them are literally all gone. (Funnily, I’ve seen my first Draco after I’ve read your message a few minutes ago! But so what, it was in so many teams before…). Seriously there’s no diversity at all now. Before there was about 20 different dinos on a regular basis. Now, seriously, 8 to 12 max… That’s what changed for me. It doesn’t seem like much, but truly, somehow this is now extremely boring for me. It’s funny, but I miss all those dinos. So for me, what changed is the fact that PvP use to be fun (I guess I was the only one) and now, it’s a boring task that I have to do to get my boosts.

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I’m also in high gyro (5900-something right now) and I’m happy. I was already facing fully-boosted apexes because a lot of people in gyro and above had the extra boosts for them even before the shuffle. I didn’t; I was still struggling along using erlidom, orion, and magna and had dropped to the 5600 range. The shuffle allowed me to get back up to where I was before the apexes became omnipresent.

I agree that lack of diversity is an issue, but that’s not the fault of the boost shuffle. That’s the fault of Ludia for making the apexes head and shoulders above everything else. If you don’t use them, you will drop in trophies no matter how good the rest of your team is. Just ask Piere.


I agree, and in fact, that’s why I always said that this game needed balancing before any boost reset. Now, we need a 3.0 (balance update like 2.0) update VERY soon. Why having about 30 Uniques (and 100s dinos), when the same 5 are being used all the time.

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Very much so, this boost shuffle kept me from quitting! We need them more often.

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I was between 5800 and 6000. Still in the same range. I love the shuffle as I got to replace half of my team so I’m playing with new dinos, even I have to play against the same dinos repeatedly. But we’ve got a new pair of unique and apex to work on. The fun continues.

I’m happy too. Their’s a decent amount of variety in the arena now.

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Here is a better question though, what do you currently run that’s bringing variety to your current arena?

I always see people posting about how their sick of fighting the same teams and very few of them aren’t running meta teams.

When your playing in a competitive meta your designing your team in a way that shaves decimal points off your loss % and adds them in your winrate.

It doesn’t matter if there’s 30 “viable” uniques… as soon at the ones that increase your winrate by .5% that’s what’s adopted.

I’m always confused why people think other players should put themselves at a competitive disadvantage or better yet stuck with a team that’s no longer top tier. Simply for your entertainment by providing you variety.


Fully agree on this topic. Diversity always was bad and now just has become terrible. Never was the arena that boring for me.

But yeah, it is less the boost reset than the introduction of Apexes.

Personally I took advantage of the boost reset and have removed all boosts. Now playing with an unboosted lvl 30 team. This now also allows me to constantly swap dinos on my team.

And yes, the variety at around 4xxx trophies is so much better!

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I wish there was more swapping counter dinos or any ways to counter the actual top dinos (including Apexes). That’s why I was an advocate of balancing the dinos BEFORE a boost shuffle. If you’re already running the top dinos, then there’s nothing that can really be changed unless you want to make it worst?. (I’ve swapped only one dino in my team after trying about 6).

Yes the game is about having dinos that give you 0.5% advantage. And that’s why we have players that want a boost reset literally weekly??? It’s almost as they cannot decide which dinos are good, and which are bad, and aim for those top dinos. Instead, they have to wait and see where the meta is going, then simply beg for a reset, so they can use them as well.

So before we had players with lots of dinos being 0.5% not as good as the top dinos. But as I said, when played well, this was literally irrelevant. It mostly depend on your starting dino/team when the difference is so small, and if played well (which everybody was still doing).

I am pretty happy. Love my baryonyx and stygimoloch doing 2000 with every blow. That was great


I’m very happy. I dont see anything different from what I’ve always seen. The only difference is that I got a new team and im loving it

Liking it. Just replaced diorajasaur by hadros lux, magnapyritor by monolorhino and erlikospyx by gorgotrebax. I will put mortem rex in the team down the line when I have boosts for it.

Exactly the same situation for me, before the shuffle I was trapped With a fully boosted erlidominus and 3 more dinos that were not relevant any more, I dropped to 5600 ish and couldn’t go further than 5,800, now I got to the shores for the first time ever and at least I don’t feel frustrated anymore when I play PvP.

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I’m in two minds about this because I have three accounts which all sit at around the same level in low Library, and it hasn’t made much difference if I’m honest.

I knew everyone who had apex dinos would boost them as much as they could, and that dinos like Magna, Dioraja, Maxi, Monolometrodon and Rixis would be removed.

I had already got the 4 apex on all accounts and had been boosting them. The other 4 dinos in each of my teams varied, and now I have a couple of dinos on each that aren’t boosted as I think I will replace them in time.

But I do see the ops point. I said before the event that everyone would do the same thing and they have. Matchmaking is more boring than it ever was, and I’m as guilty as the next person for using the meta dinos. I do feel that the frustration is greater with the new trophy system though but that’s off topic.


If that .5 percent didn’t matter then a boost reset wouldn’t have changed anything.

You simply want other players to provide you with an experience (in this case variety) that Ludia doesn’t really design this game to provide.

I feel like I’ve missed something, every Apex I’ve seen has been max boosted from go, in fact I was 1 of the 1st players to report facing a Morty and it was fully boosted. At least in gyrosphere (and my dips into library show the same) everyone has the Apexs and they’re all max boosted. The Apexs have done far more to hurt verity than the boost reshuffle but I’ve seen some of the people who against the shuffle defend the Apexs. I don’t disagree that a balance patch should have happened 1st but the reality is we probably don’t see a balance patch till Christmas and they probably won’t nerf Magnus so it’ll be a pointless gesture. If shuffle events happened regularly you absolutely would see more verity because people wouldn’t be as worried about having boosts on a dino they won’t use, they’ll feel free to try things because they’ll know they can change their minds in a few weeks

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