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I hope we are getting more than 2 uniques in 1.9 because

We usually get two uniques in an update. Indominis Rex gen 2 looks pretty much like the same as the normal I Rex. The only difference is just its pattern. From the silhouette of the potential indoraptor gen 2 we are getting I can see they probably just changed the color of it. To compensate for the lack of creativity in designing indoraptor gen 2 we should get another 2 uniques lol

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do we have any “gen 2” hybrid, or would be the first?

We don’t yet. It’s all speculation but by the looks of things there might be

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Please don’t let this be the start of the gen 2 hybrid introductions in general. The game needs new hybrids, not old hybrids with new colors and new moves.


I totally agree! I hope they are doing this just because they want to put Blue’s DNA in use.

Will indorG2 even be a unique because I reckon we’re going legend for him.

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