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I hope you like the number 8

Uhhh… I guess the only thing left to say is… 8888.


Oh God, nerf it :joy:


Last time i used mine It was fixed. What a shame, i loved those stats XD


I know there’s a topic about the bug where you see the winning screen over and over after you log out on a glitched battle you were winning (in my case the opponent had gone offline shortly before, then I realised I was on 1% battery so I plugged my charger in, which always makes the battles go crazy), but I couldn’t find it, so I’m going to put this here. Anyway I logged back in and it’s happening. Every time I come out of the darting screen.
I read recently if you finish a battle normally it goes away, but I just noticed that my trophy count is actually counting each glitched win. Too bad the tournament reward isn’t worth it. But I don’t think I’m receiving the coins.

I logged back in and it reverted. My highscore is what it should be too. But I’m still seeing the win screen. Not really an exploit after all, I guess.

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Ouch, worked for a while though!