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I jus wanna know if I get the vip free trial and get the Tyrannosaurus rex and when it’s about to end and make the payment and I cancel it will I keep the Tyrannosaurus rex?

Do I seriously need 14 T-REXS to get it to level 40 how do people do that any tips

Eight. Hatch them, evolve them.


To piggyback off of @Jurassic_Fury , make sure you’re completing PVE that rewards Gold Rewards packs and the Gold Prize Wheel. Tyrannosaurus rex is a frequent prize in these for most players. This will cut down the number you need to buy


Who told you you need 14 to max it?

If you are trying to get the T. rex to level 40 I would advise against it. The T. rex is unlocked in battle stage 54. I believe you are only level 21 right now. Having a level 40 T. rex would make your battle ferocity go way up and you will need stronger dinos to keep up with the T. Rex. If you don’t plan on making a level 40 T. rex right away just wait because you will get them from packs (I got 6 from packs). Just saying I don’t recommend making a level 40 t. rex (you need 8 copies) at level 21. I’m sure others can elaborate more if you need more info on the T. rex.

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Andy_wan_kenobi i don’t see where there are PVE battles can you tell me where they are I see PVP but not PVE

I’ve already done today’s events, but it’s this menu

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Dang none of mine has a gold pack

How can you use mods from the raptor paddock

They start appearing level 40 onwards I believe


In modded battles, you can do modded pvp with mods which give much better rewards than normal pvp battles or you can use them in the occasional modded events which appear like once a week.

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