I just battled someone with 2 lvl 20 stegodeus in 1 battle?!


Hi Ludia, can you elaborate why i just battled someone who could use his lvl 20 stegodeus twice? When i defeated his first lvl 20 stegodeus, it became 2-2…as his last dino, he brings in…another lvl 20 stegodeus?!?..how is this possible? I just checked my recent opponents list and he was not in there…just lost trophies because of this.


Its prob a bot, I battled 2 Allos before


Ooohhh. That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up, Danielle.


Count ya self lucky it weren’t two indoraptors like I had earlier… That was a nightmare :roll_eyes:


I encountered this bot about a week ago. It had at least 5 dinos on its team, but 2 sets of duplicates. I was kinda curious to see what else it had hiding back there.


Wow 2 megals and 2 monos, crazy!! SMH!!


Why blot out your moves from view?