I just can't compete anymore

In tournament #1 I finished about 85th, in #2 I managed about 75th, but something was brewing toward the end of the first tournament…

I don’t know if people are investing a lot more money (I buy thing every once and a while, but nowhere near a regular basis), having a lot more luck with spawns, or Ludia did one major spoofer purge and just figured that was good enough, but I just don’t have the dinos to stick around the top 100 anymore. Heck, even the top 250… The level 25+ uniques that require epics I NEVER see just blows my mind. Tryko (I never see kentro), utarinex (sinoceratops? that’s a real thing?), and dilocheirus (this one has 2 mystery ingredients - ourono and dipohosaurus)… these things make it impossible to be a top tier competitor without them. I wish I knew the secret to finding enough of this stuff to even make them - let alone level them so high.

Suppose I’ll have to just do the best I can, drop back a bit, and just keep doing my best with my team built mainly of things that have the best chance of countering the dinos it seems I will never have.


Thats becoming me. This is the last arena I hope to place t500 in.

I hear you, I’m not anywhere near as high as you but I was top 400 when the first tournament started, absolutely nowhere near that now and I play an average of 3 hours a day, that’s a lot of my life down the drain on a game I’m falling further and further behind on.

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Same boat here bud!
Was comfortable in the top 500 last tournament… not that long ago.

Now I’m at 4900 trophies and seeing level 29 stegods, level 26-27 utarinexes and green chickens.

I literally have this game open all the time and take every chance to travel to hunt but there’s is still no way to develop the teams I’m seeing.

Even if you paid out the :peach: for incubators, I don’t think you can make these kinda teams.

A level 25 manga! How??
Haha, I’ve had an incubator cooking every moment of the past 7 months and don’t even have enough irritator to make my first magna fuse yet.

I have found a solution Tho, and it’s quite similar to what you said @Rantz

We just have to care a little less :man_shrugging:t4:


I recently fought someone with a L26 allosino AND a level 22 thoradolosaur.

How is that even possible?

Not defending anyone, but they prolly had thier allosino at 26 before 1.5 hit. Its also not that hard to level allosino as its a common plus an epic.

Thor is just level 20 allosino plus another common as well. So shes not that hard to level either.

Its believable and prolly fairly common, I would imagine.

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I wish all i had to worry about was allosino and thor at 26 & 22 lol

Well, considering I have seen about 5 sino in the wild since I started playing in May, it kind of blows my mind…


Yeah I dont see them either bro, I dont live in their zone, or ever have. I got all mine at dino of the day spawns or at nest spawns. Im close to creating Thor but did not have my Allisino over 20 before 1.5.

Thor unocks at 21, so 22 is only one level since patch day. Totaly believable to me. :relaxed:

It also doesn’t help when I’m about to win a battle, just one move to go and when that turn comes around - the missing action button glitch rears its ugly head.

This game, I swear. *smh

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@Rantz I wonder if they have areas in the world that spawn more of certain things than others. I was at least seeing regular but quite rare Sino’s in the Chicago, Illinois, U.S. area here. I live and work in L1. Since the 5.1 update now, they’ve kind of gone extinct with some other things they moved to parks. I’m still seeing Kento’s and Concave’s quite often… even an occasional Bary.

Please let us all know if you figure it out. It’s crazy!

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In a different post I was wondering the same thing. I could see Ludia thinking this might keep the game “balanced”. Some people get to make some things, while others get to make different things…

Who knows.

Yeah, I was in that other thread and I maintain that some zones are way more productive then others when it comes to certain spawns… crazy thing is for me since the update ive darted like 6 sinos vs 1 rex…

Like im actually considering going after some rex this weekend over sino because i need it. And sinos are like the most common epic to me… never seen ouro or erlick… i see like 1 kentro to like every 5 sinos…

The the other night at like 3 am… checked my phone saw a sino down the road… almost considered not bothering with it… almost instead there i was on side of a highway at 3 am in shorts and a hoodie while it was snowing darting a sino.


I have Diloracheirus leveled to 26 before 1.5, but that was because incubators seem to enjoy giving me Ouranosaurus but I ground hard for the Dilosophorus since they are almost non-existent for me. I was playing 12 hours daily for over a month and sacrificing sleep for that in addition to stupidly spending (in my defense, I only started spending on the game after I see Ludia doing something about cheating because kudos to them!).

As for Thor, I’m one of those people who leveled up the Allosinosaurus past 20 (and now regretting) but had lots of Tarbosaurus dna so getting the new unique to 21 wasn’t an issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the enjoyment to really test the dinos out since GameCenter isn’t letting me login (Apple support is not helpful) so I can’t speak to the atmosphere / state of the tournament at the moment

As for that purge, I may be in the minority in that I felt that they did a good job with it, too good of a job actually since as a legit I somehow got stuffed on the wrong server and am still having the back and forth with Ludia right now to sort that out

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In the same boat as you @Rantz. We had 3 teams in top 100, one in the top fifty prior to tournament 1. Have level 27 stegodeus for months. Have 1000’s of DNA for a lot of dino’s but just haven’t bothered to power them up. I have no idea where people are getting all the kentro and sino from. Last event I darted 6 kentro. That’s more than I have ever scene in the wild. Only helped me get half way to tryko and all out again.

I actually live in a pretty good area to play. I can run out of darts in 15 minutes sitting on my couch but have two drops 20 feet from the front door of my house and a park I can reach. I drive my kids around and they dart everything they see. Have caught 5 t-rex in a day and can easily average 1 or 2 of them a day. But no erlick, kentro, sino and now ourano as well now. Maybe someone from the leaderboard with level 25 - 30 Tryko’s can tell us the secret.

I’m at the point were we just battle to get our incubators and don’t care about rank. We dropped our accounts down to 4200 prior to 1.5.

We have spent money on the game. All accounts with VIP. Bought all the level up incubators and arena incubators until they reached $69.99. Still the DNA I am looking for I never find

Just my opinion. I walk the talk. Not trying to sweet coating things…:blush:
I’ve long followed the ‘not so popular way’ - to avoid the stress of 15 losing streaks for an incub…:sweat_smile:
Now in the lower arenas, I find it much easier to collect incubs; and couldn’t be bother about ranks anymore (though I admit that my team is not strong enough to be on the leaderboard - I do not have that many Uniques - my best Unique dino is Indorap at L28).

As I see it, things are getting more imbalanced in the game from many aspects i.e. dino spawns, arena matchups, fusing outcomes, etc. To continue enjoying the game, maybe, just maybe, the less followed path is the best right now.

Take it easy. Enjoy the game (while it lasts).


The simplest solution I can find to most of these problems is narrowing the 450 trophy range for battles …

Obviously there’s way more that needs to be addressed (especially with spawns) but I think this would be a great place to start


450 is alot. Especially once you reach Aviary. Getting pitted against a team with dinos 3-4 levels higher than yours is definitely disheartening