I just close the game when indo gen 2 shows up first in battles

Indorapter gen 2 not getting any nerfs was garbage. It can rip up higher lvl uniques and there are only a few good counters. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t want to do battles (Along with the worthless season rewards and broken boost system). Did most people really vote not to nerf it? Or did they just want people to keep sinking boosts into it until the next update where it will be nerfed and replaced by something else op/have a boost sale?


They buffed Maxima and Geminititan and offered them as solutions to IndoraptorG2 and Procerathomimus. But this in turn made people get mad that the sauropods are now too strong.


Yeah, that…

Me: Opens the game. Press Battle. Enemy leads indoraptor gen 2.
Me looks at my line up… " Welp, I guess ill die" closes JWA and plays another game.


it’s these days that i’d prefer fighting AI. i’ve done 15 battles today, and have only managed to get 3 incubators. one of those was because i chose to fight AI (only time the timer allowed me) it’s highly annoying.


You dont nerf the boost mascots regardless what the results said =), would you nerf a cash register? Lol

I also dont believe the results showed players wanted it the same. I think it clearly showed it needed rebalancing but this went against Ludias plans for monetizing it so said it was gunna be unchanged.

The survey was also setup in a way that there was like 3 or 4 different changes but also a status quo vote, so all the votes for change were split between all the options, so obviously one wasnt gunna be the clear winner.

They should have just added up all the votes for change and compared that to the votes for remaining the same.

Pretty much just a shill survey imo to placate all the complaints.


The AI scares me more than the lvl 29 boosted Thors that I sometimes can beat. The AI is so upredictable in its lineup and boosts that I get my tail handed to me most of the time. I don’t want to touch that AI button unless I have no choice.


I like the randomness of the teams in the AI’s Line up. Makes it a bit more fun for me. What i don’t like is facing very uneven levels between me and my opponent. (granted AI does that too, but boost levels are typically low in that case). Got too many matches where my lv 21s have to go against lv 27s. I hate it, and i usually never have a chance to even get 1 takedown. It’s put me off battling for the most part. today was the first i’ve battled in the arena in about 4-5 days. almost nothing but losses. I got my incs and i’ll be off for a few days more. It’s when i feel like bothering now. It used to be every day.


Id like to know what the devs think of the current situation, the arena got unbalanced so badly due to boosts but its gone on so long that something should have been done to fix it by now.

The only reasons I can think of to keep the arena so bad is:

  1. They dont see any issues, in which case if wanna know when the last time they ever played their own game.
  2. They know the boosts are wrecking arena but dont care.
  3. They want to fix arena but the management wont let them.
  4. They are actually profiting from the imbalance, as it results in stressed out impulse purchases trying to improve a team after heavy losses.

With the last one, obviously I hope it’s not made so bad on purpose for profits, but at the very least IF ots not intended, they surely arent gunna go out of their way to stop it, and they haven’t.

I don’t consider the nerf to rat as them fixing the arena balance, the timing that coincided with the release of their new monetized dinosaur IncomeRaptor is way too much of a coincidence to believe…I mean normally I would, but give the companies history I’m not gunna give them the benefit of the doubt here, far too many times they have lived down to my expectations.

With all the issues I swear someone could make a show out of this =P



Results of survey wasn’t valid at all. Many of us couldn’t take the survey (broken link), while some could vote multiple times.

Only Cautious strike needs a change, not Indo g2 directly. Though even without any changes Indo g2 has more counters now.

Trouble is many of those counters are actually hard to create uniques, so the bulk of players wont have access and thus suffer.


i have maxie. she wont actully do anything for me untill i boost her and keep her within 2 levels of the indo. until then, i’m still suck with high damage and hoping at rng.

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Actually they hurt lower arenas with Indo g2 more than last years St. Patricks event did.


I just fought 3 indo g2 in a row…same BS CS move over and over again…

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I just laugh because my Thor outspeeds their Indo Gen 2. One shot one kill right through their evasive stance. Bada bing nada boom

I know we have gone on about this for some time @Stiffeno. It seems fairly clear that the unbalance is to help with sales. If you’re beaten down you’re more likely to get upset and buy boosts to do better next time. Reasons for this line of thought?

  1. Ludia came from gambling and they know what kinds of tricks will get people to double down. They get people to play the sucker bet.

  2. I don’t think the devs are idiots. I think they are told what to do and what to focus on by management. This is why some bugs have been there for a year or more, and yet other bugs get fixed immediately (if it will lose them money).

Anyway, do not want to derail the thread with this. Lot’s of other threads on these issues.

And what the heck @SicilianBeast, how fast is your Thor at this point??


That’s exactly what they want. If you buy enough boosts, you will be able to counter it.


the temptation to boost my counters to indo 2 (any boosted dino i face really) is high. resisting the temptation because i’ll just fight that much stronger people and it’s not worth it.

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Thor is at 133 speed now. The only thing preventing it from going higher is me leveling her to 26. I outspeed every Indo Gen 2