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I just did 8 battles in a row with 5% crits in all of them

Either me or my opponent got it… In two of the matches it happened twice. In one of them, it happened THREE times! (all against me in that one, of course). Seriously I could swear the numbers in this programming are wrong…


Unfortunately this doesn’t prove anything.
The only way to know whether the RNG deities are against you or not is by getting some insight into Ludias code. Or record all crits in all your battles for 1 year and calculate the average. 8 battles is not enough to draw any conclusions from.


After 2.6 update, crit streaks are common. Not sure what happened, but something definitely changed.
Don’t remember battles before with 75% or more hits crit on single match. At least not often. Happened maybe once in 100 battles. Now happens at least once every 10 battles. There are even matches where every single hit crits.

On other side are battles without a single crit on both sides. These happen more often too. Weird is that happens with 5 or 6 creatures that have 20% or higher crit rate, without any crit reduction.

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My point is not to prove anything and I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way for that… It’s not my job, it’s theirs… I’m simply saying this is happening too much. As Dinotris said, feels like more than it usually did in the past… And if more people feels the same way, who knows, maybe they’ll take a better look at the numbers next time. Anyways, we will never know, 'cause they certainly wouldn’t tell us if they found out they screwed up.

I can certainly second that. I didn’t record all battles for 1 year but I can say most of my battles also have 5% crits way too often. Didn’t play much in this tourney, yet I’ve had at least 3 times back to back 5% crits against me.

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Fellow alliance member also posted this, this morning. Feels like EVERYONE is complaining about this sort of stuff. Can’t be just a coincidence.

I think that’s a rather bold claim. A cursory glance at anecdotal evidence from almost certainly biased observers (it’s hard to escape) is not credible enough to say that. Personally I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.
I wouldn’t rule out the possibility but people have been complaining about this forever and will likely continue to do so, so unless a lot more or more credible evidence pops up we can’t really say for sure, though I don’t think there’s any harm in starting the conversation.


Yup. Happened to me to but usually it was they got 2 and so did I. It’s just the roll of the dice.

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Your not the only one. The 5% Crit Chance is on Goku Level. It’s way too op. Might as well give all creatures a 5% Crit Chance

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Doubt we will get any strong enough evidence. If someone would provide stats for a year, some would just say, its not enough, we need evidence for 3 years.

Maybe you just don’t battle enough, to see it.

Last two tournaments Draco double, triple crits in same match were just to often.

For 40% crit chance streaks are somehow understandable. Though even those go to extremes. There is time where my Morty hits every single hit, then barely crits at all (doing strike towers earlier this week Morty crit once in 13 hits). Understandable that crits are random, but lately they go to much in extremes.

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Even if someone crits a hundred times in a row with 5% chance, technically there wouldn’t be “evidence” (and someone would always remind us of that)… That’s the “R” in RNG… random… What we can say for sure is that this game has become more luck- based than ever with added creatures and changes in the past year or so… But that’s a separate issue I guess…

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RNG percentages can be relatively accurately calculated if you have enough data.
The chance of your data to be way off the expected outcome is like one in a gazillion. So it’s safe to say that if you keep track for a year and you get 10% instead of 5%, there is definitely something going on.


If you have 100 critical hits in a row on a creature that has a probability of 5% of a critical hit. That is statistically significant and deserves to be investigated by the development team.

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You don’t need to convince everyone though, just a significant number. If multiple players consistently get the same results over long periods it would be pretty unreasonable to dismiss that evidence without giving it serious consideration.

It’s true that I probably don’t battle as much as you do, but I’ve been battling practically every day now for months, well over a year. I’m pretty sure I’d still notice if something changed.

It is a little slippery, but if the probability goes down enough it becomes way more likely that there’s an issue with the RNG than that you actually got that unlucky. In your example, the chances of that happening are so low that it actually registers as zero on my calculator, which was able to handle the 1 in 10 quadrillion chance of an Apex in 10 weeks.

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I honestly believe it’s all to do with how well or not well we have done in the match ups leading to these apparent anomalies.

Time after time I will win 3 or 4 matches in a row, think that’s great I have my dbi for the day and leave pvp till the next day. And it seems every time I go back after winning a streak I’m hit with a losing streak and the opponent gets every crit and I get none. So I will lose 2 or 3 win one lose 2 more then win 2. And so it goes on ad infinitum.

It’s any wonder so many players get stuck in upper aviary and lower library.

It’s also any wonder players get so fed up of pvp with a rng system that really doesn’t seem to be rng at all.


We are still waiting for Ludia to communicate on those apex creatures obtained in 10 weeks…

I recently faced one of those players in the arena…


It seems like crits have become more common than they actually should be. The amount of times I’ve been hit by 5% chance crits over a few weeks is dodgy. I’ve been seeing creatures with 5% - 15% crits chances gritting more than those from 20% - 40% which definitely isn’t right.

I very nearly made a post about this! My Hadros Lux has been critting like crazy. I know she has a counter attack, but so does Carnotarkus, and she barely ever crits lately.

In the tournament, I’ve used Edapho a lot. I’ve made at least 30 attacks using her - not one of them has crit. She (supposedly) has a 20% chance to crit. Meanwhile, at least a quarter of swap-in rhinos have crit, either on the swap in itself or with the impact.

Yes, this is nothing new, it’s been happening for a long time. Anyone who battles a lot will notice, especially in tournaments, where there are more 5% chance creatures and not that avalanche of 20%+ of the arena

But after it happened in eight matches in a row, EIGHT, Including three times in one match… I had to make a thread. All of them with 5% chance… I wish I had that recorded…