I just faced a boosted thior

I know. Happens all the time. But does it happen in Badlands? I officially hate thoradolosaur now. No, it shouldn’t be called that. It should be called NostratMcFlufface


You can request tarbo and earn alliance rewards in any arena… allosino alone isnt enough to push you out of badlands. So enter thor… which may be enough to push him out of badlands…but at that stage of the game thor is likely their only unique and the best long term option to apply their boosts to.

This is Ludias idea of balanced match making thors for everyone regardless of arenas they are in. More people have thors means more potential people buying boosts.

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I went up against a boosted Utasinoraptor the other day, and it basically destroyed my entire team. :sweat_smile:


By your example being another sino hybrid you kinda really drive home my point… and for the record my utasino is higher boosted then my thor…

Thor becomes the topic it does cause its the easiest to make… it needs two commons that are easy to get.

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It has definitely made PVP more challenging for me, but I do understand the frustration of having to face a dino without being able to do anything to stop it.

It has caused me to re-think my whole team set up. TBH, I’m doing a little experimenting of my own. :smile:

That may have been me … sorry :joy:


Oh i dont really have to many issues with thor when the reset happened i anticipated most would just turn around and boost thor… so i spent a larger portion of my boosts on thor counters which has worked well for me.

What monsters like Thor or Tryko doing in lower arenas? The battles would be more balanced if they can’t be selected in a team against an opponent who doesn’t have them in its collection!

“I fought a Thor and the, Thor won!”

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Another players lack of progress should not affect another players ability to win or use the dinosaurs they grinded for to unlock.

I read something entirely different and did a double take. LOL

Same for me. When I face an overboosted Thor now it’s likely an easy win. Of course if you aren’t boosting many things are OP and Thor isn’t the worst of them. Anyone facing super boosted Magnas? Good luck with that.

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Whoa, now you need a Thor to get out of Badlands? I’m glad I went to Sorna without even Allosino or any uniques, just 4 legendaries, 1 epic and 3 rares.

If I face a boosted magna in Badlands I’m going to swear like a sailor to that thing and let my foot do the battling


I’ve faced quite a few. Foot, hand, nose, it made no difference what I used in most cases. If not for DC many of the singular boosted dinos would be a waste of time to face. Thank goodness for DC.

I was starting to hate it too, but my team is finally able to properly counter it now that I have most of my creatures above 135 speed… Of course, there’s always those super boosted and leveled up freaks that still kick my butt… And I know we’ll soon have tons of Thors at 143 speed, so the nightmare will start again…

That thing is the main reason why tanks are in such a huge disadvantage in this meta… and it also forces you to boost the speed and HP of your creatures that aren’t so resilient. We have Thors out there doing 4k damage with INSTANT CHARGE! Seriously, that’s beyond stupid… Combine that with the rat, and we’ve got ourselves a broken game…


im sure,you’ll love to know they are already there


I know they are. But not “tons” of them… yet…

Im close to having 3 thor counters over 143… after that thor wont be an issue… it cost them 128 speed boosts for 143… and it will cost them 256 speed boosts to increase it to 150.

Anyone who spends that many speed boosts on thor prettt much loses any match they dont get their thor and some where they do.

A boosted Thor may become less of an issue but it’s always a problem even if it’s not faster, unless you already have a creature prepared on the field (a Dilo or your own Thor free to do their Rampage, for example). Besides, you can still make a competitive team with a speedster Thor… just need to boost HP and attack of those who don’t need speed (Tryko, Dio, rat, Sucho, high level Legendary tanks)… and maybe even trust in the evasion of Indo and Erlido…

This is what sucks about boosted Thors… Even if you need less speed boosts for your fast dinos, you still have to distribute those boosts among at least three or four of them… meanwhile, other creatures in your team that aren’t fast but were supposed to be faster than Thor, end up falling behind, 'cause you just can’t speed up all of them… Suchotator and Monostego are good examples…