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I just faced this team


I am arena level 4900ish and I faced this guy.

I guess that level 29 says he’s not a cheater after all…



I think I already saw this Guy, Isnt it FabiusBile ?
Hes more a Money disher than a hacker imo


Congratulations are in order…phew!!!


Could be, i didn’t screenshot his name.

I’m good at math, lemme show you a bit of calculations.
Let’s say we want a lvl 30 indoraptor from scrap.

Indoraptor lvl30 takes 3000 DNA from being created to full power up.
Average DNA per creation is 22.5, i read it online and it makes sense.
This means that - on average - it takes 130 “dings” circa.
This requires 6500 I-REX + a quarter million raptor.

This is not all: I-rex is obviously a hybrid already, so to get 6500 dna you need 6500/22.5 = 285 circa power ups.
14k + t rex and 140+k raptor.

Guaranteed T-Rex incubator contained 500 pts dna, and it was a 50 bucks limited offer.
14k/500= 28, that results in 1.4k dollars.
They came like with a 3x aviability, so you had to shop WAY more incubators to get that dna.

This is just one.
The guy has 3 LVL 30 hybrids that involve T-Rex…and the rest isn’t easier.
You get my point?


He is a pretty big spender.
I hope I don’t meet him in the arena.


You can tell if he’s a cheater if he doesn’t appear in the leaderboard. Check in your recent battles