I just fought 2 bleeders

I am tempted to do the same. The bleeders kept me having to swap out whilst he’ll anticipate and do the same meaning unless my incoming dino is faster or is immune, he/she gets to bleed me again.

It’s true, bleeders are a royal pain and are changing the composition of my team. Healers, swap out dinos, swap in dinos and bleeders of my own.

Most of the time I just keep hitting… unless it’s a Suchotator… cause then you know it’s gonna use Instant Cripple… So I swap to a dino with immunity or cleansing impact

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I’m still using my “funky chicken” despite the nerf. He kicks the bleeders butts each time. I try to run immune and/or cleanse creatures since there are so many people using bleeders now.

Im still fairly new. What’s a bleeder?

Any dino that has a “damage over time” attack:
For example:
Lethal wound
Gashing wound

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THAT wasn’t the answer I was expecting…

I’m not that crude to make PMS jokes on here :joy:


and apparently i am.


Took out a Spinotasuchus and a Suchutator with my Thor… Roarrrrrrr!

Well, we all just got to adapt and field a balanced team. Bleeders generally have low health and you can either hit them hard or use other tactics such as hit & run or immune dinos.